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Friday, 29 July 2011

Weekly Favourites week 30

Weekly favourites week 30, 2011

Black shoes just seemed to scream my name in all of the online shops... Seriously, I usually go for the colourful and embellished ones but this week (or fortnight) it was all about the black. And isn't that abricot coloured Pierre Balmain Haute Couture dress just amazing!? Here paired with a Topshop necklace.. Both enhancing each other very well, I think.

Oh, and how cute are those feather ball pens? Totally Shakespeare, no? Think of how pleasing it would be writing love letters and postcards with these.. I am really tempted! Maybe as a birthday gift to myself from myself?
Does anyone else pull that trick with presents to yourself? I think it is a nice gesture to buy a present to yourself, especially if it makes your life a little more glamourous and wonderful.

Anyways, have a wonderful weekend and maybe I'll see you Sunday {it is my birthday and plans are not completely settled yet.. maybe my Mum will throw me a little dinner. I hope so..}

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Inspired by Holly Golightly

It seems like ages ago by now when I read Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote, and back then I think I promised you an Inspired by... post with Holly Golightly {don't you just LOVE saying that name?} Anyways, here it is - finally!

I took my inspiration from the novella, mostly, and that's why there are all the references to the 1940s (the novella is set there and not in the 60s)
However, as with my other Inspired by.. posts, this is just some ideas that pop up when I think of the person/character and not so much actual story line or life facts.

Hope you'll enjoy..

 {{ Images link link link link link link link link link link }}

Monday, 25 July 2011

Make Me A Cake

In atticipation of my upcoming birthday {31st - yay!} I will show you my cake inspirations. On various blogs and food sites out there there are some insanely amazing cakes and cookies just waiting for me to dig into. These were just taken from my pinterest board For the Home because cake equals home in my mind..


Friday, 22 July 2011

Thoughts for Norway

As many of you may already know, Oslo the capital of Norway was hit by a massive bomb today, and there have already been confirmed deaths. As a fellow Scandinavian, we feel very closely connected so this really breaks our hearts here in Denmark and Sweden too and all our thoughts go out to the Norwegian people. We hope the loss of life will be little, however sadly not avoided, and that no other attacks will occur and create more chaos.

In hommage to Norway I'll show you some vintage travel posters of the beautiful country which I feel lucky to have visited, in stead of the weekly favourites which seem so insignificant right now. These will not occur until next week.

When you think of fairy tale like sceneries, time it with ten and you get the Norwegian nature. So pure and unbelievable. I hope that this will be somewhat of a comfort in this dreadful hour.

As far as I know right now from the news, no terrorist cell has yet claimed to be the minds behind this terrible and utterly disgraceful act.
Things like this make me so angry, but this time it actually feels like it hit at home, and my heart is aching by the mere thought of the tragic loss and pain. It seems so unbelievable that these things can happen in a nordic country. Sweden and Denmark have already been hit by attempts but without any casualties, so this feels so surreal that Norway should suffer such an attack.

Please send your kindest thoughts and prayers to the people of Oslo.

Vi tænker på jer.

[edit] The tragedy has taken on a more severe note in Norway. Late last night, it became clear that a massacre at a youth political convention camp was linked to the bomb in Oslo and this morning 91 were confirmed dead, 7 in the bomb attack and 84 in the massacre. Sadly, the number is still likely to rise. The mind behind it is in the Norwegian police's custody and is a Norwegian himself with links to the right-extremist and nationalistic environment in Norway. (The police is still investigating whether he was alone or not. There has been some suggestions from witnesses and surviors that there's more than one shooter)

This is so uncomprehendable that one would do such a thing to his or her fellow country men (or anyone for that matter) due to differences in opinions. I hope that Norway and the Norwegian people will overcome this horrible event and in respect for the dead and the wounded not let fear rule but go on with the high compassionate standards of which Norway is so well known for.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Believe in Beauty

This will be quite an easy post today. My Mum's birthday is tomorrow and there's some stuff I need to get ready and done. So these are some of my pins to my Pinterest board "Beauty" {yes, I too am quite addicted to it by now!} Please go there for hyperlinks and trackbacks.

So happy Wednesday and happy birthday tomorrow to my Mum!

Monday, 18 July 2011

60s Inspired Editorial

Today, I wanted to share my favourite editorial from Danish fashion magazine COSTUME from way back in May, 2003.
I have always loved the girly vibe of the early 60s fashion, and Danish illustrator Christel was the biggest influence in Denmark at the time. Christel's works are featured in this editorial and I have already made a post about her once but I never tire of her style, and I think that the carefree naïve vibe is well captured here.

Photographer: Signe Vilstrup
Stylist: Kim Grenaa
Hair&Makeup: Anne Staunsager/Style Counsel
Model: Christina Espersen/Unique
Location: a vacation home designed by Poul Henningsen {Danish Modern architect}

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sonnet Sunday: Sonnet IV

I think everyone should more or less have in mind what legacy they want to leave behind. You don't have to save the world or collect Nobel Prizes but an idea of what you stood for and what you cared for should be in order, otherwise what's the point of remembering?
It is all about the scale, I guess.. How do you want to be remembered by the ones whom you'll always remember? And then start living by that..
That's probably the hardest part because it is so easy getting caught up with the routines and the daily hazzle.

I don't want the things which I feel that I stand for only being remembered by me. If it is good things, why not share?

- the dandelion chronicles

Friday, 15 July 2011

Weekly Favourites week 28

weekly favourites 28, 2011

This week is more a discovery of Erin Fetherston's wonderful and chic tailoring. I knew of her but didn't really connect anything particular to the name - and what a shame! Because, I am head over heels with her bow-skirt and the matching jacket. So elegant and casual at the same time.
Also, bouclé is growing on me when I see something like the McGinn jacket trimmed with pearls!!! How epic is that!? And off course, my search for the perfect red shoes and feminine leather jacket continues.

Oh, the things that are featured in my imaginary closet! *sigh* Most importantly though is that these items here are things I can see myself wearing to pieces.. And shouldn't people dress to care and care to dress a little more? I'd rather spend a large amount on a dress like Victoria Beckham's than one with citrus fruits {sorry Stella but I just cannot comprehend it!} Even if I had bought a dress for £20 in H&M with banana prints, I would still think of it as a waste of money when three months later I cannot stand the sight of fruits on clothes. 
Don't know whether that's just me but I am definately becoming more picky here in my 'no-buy-clothes-year'. 

I take that as a good sign.

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My first edited photograph

This is my first test of a (for me) newly discovered photo service online called They have a feature to give your photos different vintage looks to them which is very cool.

Anyways, this is just some random pretty things I have around my apartment; H&M Hello Kitty nail polish {the most wonderful dusty pink colour}, Leone pastilles, Christel Mariott re-production, vintage tiny teacup with leaf-shaped saucer, a wooden dice which says Love, Vacoom, Sleep, Watch TV, Party, Dishes, two old keys, and a jar where I keep the buttons that come along with shirts and blouses. Nice to know it's all in one place, right? 

Do you know any cool sites online to change and redo photos? I'm still not that keen on installing Photoshop since I haven't had a proper guide to it, and somehow my head doesn't comprehend the online tutorials, and so far it will take up a lot of space on my pc. But please drop me a note if you know eithe pixlr or another great site. 

Monday, 11 July 2011

How To: The Waterfall Braid - version 1

Over at pinterest, I discovered this pretty hair style and finally got the hang of it after intensely starring at photos for ages...
I call it version 1 because after all my efforts, I noticed some slight changes in the photos of this hair style. I still have not quite figured that out yet but anyways, here's my illustration of perhaps the easier version. Hope you'll like it.

And here's the photos that inspired me: {image} {image}

You can see that these girls choose to braid the last section as a normal braid. I personally just tied with bobby pins in the side.
I really like this hair style, and it can be achieved by most with a little practice.

So, could this be a summer hair style for you guys? I definately think I will be sporting this a lot.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sonnet Sunday: Sonnet III

I seem to finally have reached a workable level between sleep and work. I feel much better today after a little nap a couple hours ago. Usually, I don't benefit from power-naps but I think my problem has been that its too hot in my bedroom so I wake up before I actually want to due to the heat. (I live on the top-floor so all the heat comes my way - good in Winter, bad in Summer!)
I guess I need to find my electric fan and get the heat out that way.

Hope you guys are finding yourselves in temperate surroundings and possibly enjoying a cool drink (iced tea for me) and good laughter. 

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Weekly Favourites week 27

Here we go again, weekend is finally upon us.. I have yearned for some time off. As much as I loved getting all the things done during the week, I feel completely beaten today. Yesterday was spent at my parents' where my older brother came for dinner. We had a lovely barbeque and it was nice to see him again. He's very busy at work and live somewhat far away, so this was really nice.
I also went to the blod doning central in Aarhus in the morning and did my good deed of the day. I like to give back in order to show my thanks for still having my Dad and my uncle around. And the nurses are so nice and you get candy and a soda or juice. I always enjoy the half an ahour out there.

The online retailers' sites are preparing for the fall, so I have included some coats (amazing fur details!) and a hat. I will not need to buy a new coat this year, I have two still; a dress-y one and an everyday one. But I always buy them in August or early September. I want the best selection so I don't want to wait too long when deciding on a style because the good one go so fast.
Oh, and what about those shoes? I have no idea when to wear them, but seriously!? Hope you are enjoying a relaxed weekend and with slightly more sunshine than what is mustered here.

xoxo, The dandelion chronicles

Weekly Favourites 27, 2011

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tranquil Morning

 This is just a quick post because I feel a bit tired after some quite hectic days. I'm trying to get back into my non-reversing-and-exam routine and after loads of little acomplishments, I am a bit worn out today.
This was my breakfast this morning, vanilla yoghurt with organic müsli and fresh Danish strawberries.. nom nom nom! A treat in the morning - what's better?

I have always believed in, though not always following, the idea of breakfasting as a king, lunch as a prince, and dinner as a poor man. And I feel the new schedule kicking in, as I feel hunger in the morning now which I didn't when I was studying. A bad way stress shows with me. And more than ever if you are stressed, you have to make sure you get the right thing to eat in order to get the nutrition - but it's definately easier said than done whilst in the heart of the tornado.

I also had some berry juice with my vitamins (I figure I'm low on those after such a long period of stress), a tad too sauer for my taste but with the sweet vanilla yoghurt it's okay. And I like the colour.. brings my morning mood up.

I hope all of you have had a nice week so far, but personally I'm looking forward to the weekend. I'm hoping to finish The Plage and relaxing a bit more. Hopefully, my new routines will soon kick in and become second nature to me and (maybe this is puching it a bit) stick with me when school starts late August. That would be nice.. So Cheers to that!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lazy summer

 I have been a little sleepy and drousy today (maybe because I woke up at half past three! Seriously why??) so when I was done with the chores for the day (very early indeed..) I conquered a place in the sun down in my apartment block's courtyard. It is filled with big red and pink roses at the moment, and earlier the magnolia tree and the cherry blossoms perfumed our little heaven, later replaced with lilacs and irises.
There is a playground as well, however, there don't seem to be that many children living here (I don't know for sure since I moved in here back in August) but it rather suits me well.. When I'm tired, I can be a bit of a child-hater, sorry to say it.. So naturally, I'm a tad worried about when I have children of my own how that will turn out.. I guess one just the best she can and try not to let tiredness or stress out on the littl-uns. 

I have a thing for bark. don't know why, but the details in texture and colours always get to me on a very profound level.
I have never wished to be a mermaid when I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a wood nymph, a Daphne, and live in trees. Naturally, my favourite characters in Lord of the Rings are the ents. I even hugged the tree which were the inspiration to Tolkien when I was in Oxford in 2005.
We were all supposed to that however, but I would probably had done it anyway if no one was watching.

 My mani of the moment. It was supposed to be all polka-dots but on the first finger I completely blew it and so made all ten different. It may show that I have yet to try with various tapes, this was just done with one of Depend's art brushes in white over Maybelline's Party Blue from their less expensive line. I really love the blue and two coats here. Over it all, I have some pink glitter with a little rhinestone effect. On the other hand, some of the little pink hearts that are in show, but photographing with my left hand is just not happening for me..

 The tree under which's crown (or lack of same) I spend a couple of hours half asleep and half reading Albert Camus' The Plage. I really like it; interesting characters and yet at the same time quite academic in a way. Hard to describe really. But I think when I have finished this one, I might check out some of his other works, any recommendations?

The weather here has been very inter-changeable, so all the big garden roses both thirst and drown.. However, I don't think garden roses have a long season or is it just me? But the smell is amazing.. Especially, after a light rainfall..

Anyways, hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy all the beauty around you. The decay can come so suddenly, as with these roses.
This day was also a little homage to the late Sylvia Plath. When I read some extracts from her diaries earlier this year, I was struck by a comment she makes: (my translation from the Danish translation, so don't know if this is exactly as she wrote it)

And I sit here without identity: faceless [...] Will I never get to rest in the sun again, lazy, golden and peacefully?

I always felt very connected to her due to some similar emotional experiences (actually to the point where it really scared me!) so I try to remember to this, soaking up the sun, being lazy, being at peace and being proud of who I have become. I don't want to make such a comment in my journal one day, so i'm taking her experiences to heart.

Do any of you have a writer or character in a book that you connect to? The other one I have is Anne from Anne of Green Gables. I got my interest in English literature because of her and the Anne-series is still the ones I have read the most times. And I do daydream as much as her..


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