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Friday, 30 December 2011

{Happy New Year} + Weekly Favourites

As promised yesterday, I will use today to wish you, my dear readers and followers, the most prosperous and merriest New Year.
I thank you all for the sweet comments and virtual hugs which I have recieved through this little blog the past year. It is truly magnifiscent to think that I have readers from all continents except the cold one in the South! I would never have thought so when I started this adventure.
Maybe I am naïve but I am still surprised that I get visitors from places where I didn't even know they had access to the Internet.

2011 has been a turbulent year for me, especially since I lost my beloved father in August, but also on other areas. Many thoughts have gone through my head, especially according my future and what I really, deep down, want to do with my life and how I am going to acheive the goals I set for myself.
For 2012, I will try to take the good that I learned about myself and others with me and continue to make an effort in being the woman I want to be. I am finally realizing that there's no point in trying to be someone else.

And that is my hope for you guys too. That you will take this opportunity to stop up for a minute and think about where you are in life and whether it is where you want to be. Are you the best "you" at all times or does the intentions go down the drain in the daily hazzle?
I have learned the hard way, just because I wanted it and freely did it, it doesn't mean it was easy, and will pursue the more simpler approach to what I want and need.

But without further ado, here's my last Weekly Favourites of 2011.
Given the amount of time that I put into this feature, I will perhaps change the theme to a monthly feature. However, it has been quite fun and a great resource for me to look at all the things and pick out what it is I really want (if I had the means).
I definately see a more cleaner and simpler look, more quality and minimalism than whims and fun fancies.
Weekly Favourites 52

This last week of the year, it seems like we are all looking forward to the summer and beach holidays (lucky Australia!). However, a good quality jumper, handbag, and possible the best top coat nail polish ever (so I have been told) will never be excommunicated from my wardrobe. What do you see that grabs your fancy? Something that will go way into 2012?

Anyways, last thing to say

Cheers in glitter, and Happy New Year!

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Thursday, 29 December 2011

A New Year Approaching

Hi all, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and got to relax just a tiny bit. Mine was easy, breezy, and quiet. Thus I find it most difficult to get myself into exam study mode again. It is way more fun to search inspiration for New Year's Eve..

Usually, I don't pay much attention to this evening and spend it either with a couple of friends or my parents. This year, my friends are throwing a party together with some of their other friends, so I am quite exited, and being the girly girl that I am, I am already planning for glitter, heels, and makeup.

I am also thinking of any New Year's Resolutions for 2012, but I think it is hard to say "I wont..." or "I wil..." I am more of a "I will bear in mind/remember that..." I hate the too clear cut resolutions with no room for breath. I mean, I love chocolate and crisps, nailpolish and lipsticks, but I also know that I shouldn't eat that all the time or use all my money on it. So in stead I go "I will bear in mind that for every lipstick or chocolate bar I buy I could have gotten closer to the Chanel bag or the camera I want."
And I am not one for making resolutions on weight or exercixe, that is bound to fail with me. I get too bored with that kind.

In addition with finals and New Year's and the whole thing called life, I will perhaps be a bit absent here, but fear not... I will return. However, I will make the last Weekly Favourites of 2011 tomorrow and wish you a prosperous new year.

Until then,
have a lovely day...

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****Edit: I have trouble with the link to image 6 but I will try to fix it later.****

Friday, 23 December 2011

Weekly Favourites 51

Weekly Favourites 51

Soooo... The last Weekly Favourite just before Christmas deadline.. and start of the sale.

Are you planning anything for the sale? I must admit that I don't really care for sales. I am not the type to rush in to buy and rub against other people in a frenzy. I did it once for someone else, and I still feel slightly traumatized by the experience! I almost got knocked down by a lady with a rollator! So I prefer to buy from the safe heaven behind the screen, or pay full prize. 
I also have adopted the notion that if you didn't want to buy or wear it at full prize, you don't want it just because its on sale.
That has saved me from a lot of fail purchases.

Anyways, from the things NOT on sale yet around the internet, I have found some very nice things. 
I still have a soft spot for the ACNE Pistol boots. But the Copper shoes from Maison Martin Margiela are almost to die for.... I almost cryed when I saw them (didn't I almost do that last Friday too? I am apparentlt quite emotional when it comes to fashion at the moment!)
And the Husam El Odeh ring with the blueish coloured crystal and rough gold is very chic and edgy at the same time.

The coolest thing though would be the M Missoni sweater with the brass cuffs. Such an unexpected feauture on a simple sweater.

Anything hitting your fancy here? Let me know, I'd love to hear.


And with that I just want to wish you all, my dear readers and visitors,

A Wonderful and Merry Christmas

The Dandelion Chronicles 

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Sneak-peaks 2.0

A couple of photos from my own Christmas decor.
You may be able to tell that I love love love ice crystals. I find them to be the prime natural wonder of this world.
I even get misty eyed if I think of it too much.. Well, my love for winter trumps my love for Christmas. And thus, I really miss snow.
The past two years we had heaps of snow in Denmark (last year, even more than in the south of Greenland!) and I miss the beauty that comes with it. That said, I don't miss the wet boots and red noses. But it is a fair exchange for snow in my opinion.

Anyways here goes...

All images are mine and edited by me.

Monday, 19 December 2011

{SlowFashion Christmas}

I discovered this webshop and brand through the Danish interior magazine RUM's website and fell in love instantly.
The crisp and the cool of the decor appeals to me, and as far as I have been able to read, I can completely follow their sustainability and quality project. Maybe it is the deep dull Nordic soul piercing me at the moment. But the more melancholic and sinister, the better.

The website is also in English, if you are so inclined as giving it a visit.
If you do, please look through their 'magazines'. They are so pretty.

All images found via the website or via RUM.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Weekly Favourites 50

weekly Favourites 50

I don't know whether it is my deminishing eager of this weekly feature (I have thought of changing it into a monthly instead) or because I am especially peckerish this week because I had a hard time finding things I liked enough to share here.
Ironically, the things on here that I like the best, I cannot even buy (yet) since I don't own an iPhone. But don't you just adore the gold Native Union phone attatchment?! And together with a Lanvin cover (which unfortunately is sold out already over at net-a-porter) they are the perfect match for the über-stylish phoner, no?

Lately, I have been more fond of my black jewelry than the rest. Even the glossiest and most sparkly jewels get a little more sophisticated look when they are in black, and off course, on a whole-black ensemble like the RED Valentino one, this necklace would be incredible.

And for kicks, an embroidered T-shirt of perfume bottles and a stunning mask with feathers for New Year's.. 

Do you dress up at New Year's Eve, even attend masquerades? I have never heard of anyone besides the royals who actually did, so I would love to hear if you do... I guess, it works better if you are many than just the usual crowd though. The allure would perhaps be quite small, and not a lot of flirting, I think. No one to draw pink hearts on with the TOPSHOP nail art pen. 

Anything you guys fancy on here? 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

{Christmas inspired by Karen Blixen}

First of all, happy St. Lucia Day! One of my favourites days {I guess that is my Swedish heritage shining through} and if you are interested, I did a post on Lucia last year which you can see here.

Anyways, since I haven't had the chance to see a parade this year, I will show you a lookbook from Danish decor-brand Rosendahl Copenhagen. It is one of the great Danish brands of this sort, together with Georg Jensen, Holmegaard and Royal Copenhagen. At least in my opinion.

One of their greatest successes is the Christmas (and this year also Easter) line inspired by the great writer Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen).
I showed you one when I did a post on her, but now I will show you some more.

I hope you will like it as much as I do.

Rungstedlund covered in romantic snow.

 The text says, each purchase supports the running of the Karen Blixen Museum at Rungstedlund.

Her nephew tells that Karen Blixen always decorated her Christmas tree in white and silver with a single red ornament hidden somewhere, which would pay off a small cake for the child who found it.

How wonderful right? I can totally see the elegance and luxurious splendour of a white and silver decorated tree, and her little game with the children makes me have even more respect for her (if that's even possible!)

 Very pretty gift-wrapping! I wouldn't even dare to open the present if it looked like that...

 I really like the look of the silver ornaments together with the rough cloth and leather.

The candle holders inspired by her love for the nature. The garden at Rungstedlund is 'world-famous' in Denmark (yeah, we always try to be bigger than we are, ha!) for the flowers and one of the best florists in Denmark (he also does the royal flower arrangements - so he is that big!) arrange flowers from the garden around the rooms and suites during the year.

I love the simplicity and the romantic feel these ornaments have, and for once I think both the silver as well as the gilded versions are equally beautiful. Usually, I favour just one of them. But if I had to choose, I would go for the silver.. Can't help but dream of a white and silver decorated tree too.

The Dandelion Chronicles

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Winter Stills from Tine K Home

My post on the rustic winter decor trend has had lots of attention from blogland, and when I saw these pictures, I immediately thought of you guys. They are from Tine K Home and they are dark and edgy, and yet I could easily see myself decorating like this. Just add some candles and a ceramic vase with branches in bloom. I especially like the rough concrete look of the walls.

It has a very open atmosphere. You wouldn't feel like suffocating here (one of my minor phobias) and the look of the pictures reminds me of dark water. A lake at dusk with the dew settling on the grass and cold enough to see your breath when you exhale.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Weekly Favourites 49

weekly favourites 49, 2011

Even though we have just made our way into Winter, the retailers and online shops are already making us crave for Spring and colours. I found myself torn between the subtle casual hues and the bright fun colours. Especially the grass-green Mulberry Bayswater has got my heart fluttering like a butterfly. The most perfect Spring colour yet.. On the other side, the Vanessa Bruno athe jumper had my eyes cast longful glanses at it. And the rustic gold-drop earrings are quite devine in my opinion.

I guess, I will pair the items up like the miu miu collection; girly pastels along with deep black accents and very clean silouhettes. Very elegant and not over the top. I just wish that the prozes were lower. For a little-sister brand it is almost as expensive as the mother-line Prada. If it wasn't for the fact that it has my name all over it, I would be quite annoyed with that.

Anyways, what do you guys favour? Do you dare to wear all colours without toning it down with black or grey? Or do you never wear colours besides nude and camel?  

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas Sneak-Peaks

Just a small collection of how I decorate for Christmas this year.
I favour the natural look so I have chosen oranges, pine cones, chesnuts, and spices to lay around the apartment. Love the smell when I enter my front door of star anise and cinnamon. Today, I bought the ingredients to make a chai-mix so I have some weekend projects as well.

Even though I prefer the nature and winter look, I have several colourful ornaments with glitter and gilded decor from my bohemian-gypsy-Indian phase. I usually cluster them all together in a big vase or bowl.

My new additions this year are the candy canes. And the good thing is off course that you can eat them or put them in your coffee or hot chocolate. nom nom nom!

All images are mine. 

Friday, 2 December 2011

Weekly Favourites 48

Weekly Favourites 48, 2011

This is week, jewelry caught my eye.. and shoes. I am looking for some practical yet stylish winter boots and maybe these Penelope Chilvers would do the trick. However, being the girly girl that I am, the Miu Miu-ish Asos T-bar shoes and the actual Miu Miu stilettoes are just too precious.

I adore the designs of the great Paul Poiret and would loose hours in a book about them. I always think they were the best in the pochoir prints of the time. And just for kicks, wear a Vionnet dress while reading. {Just to spark a little irony}

Lace is hidding everything big time at the moment, and no wonder really. When used right it doesn't need to resemble a wedding dress or a nightie. Small accents often create a more appealing and wearable allure to a set or a dress. However, if you per chance are going to a masquerade on New Year's Eve how about the Carine Gilson lace mask? Perfect for the Marie Antoinette in you!
I would pair it with the Julie Sandlau earrings and the mini dress from French Connection for creating the sassy look with the twist due to the long sleeves. Bag? No, just grap the Moët Chandon-bottle and the guy with the perfect chissled jaw and head off into the night!

This should be enough for having an adventure...

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rustic Winter & Christmas Decor

First of all, a happy first of December. Are you in the spirits yet or does it usually wait to hit you on the 23rd.? I am not yet feeling the excitement but I do love the decor on the various blogs and in the magazines. Is it just me, or does people almost never decorate like this in real life?

I wish they did because Johanne Bildsøe's house is truly stunning when decorated for Christmas. That said, she is a professional decorater and has an interior shop on Østerbro in Copenhagen, Détails91. Nevertheless, I love her incorporation of the rustic nature and vintage pieces. Very basic and very timeless. I love when people decorate for the winter like they do for spring and summer, taking in flowers and leaves, in stead it is all specifically Christmas. I tire easily with Christmas but I always love the crisp feel and air around winter. And these photos by Kristian Septimus Krogh really do the decor and the theme justice.

My own Christmas decor is too emotional, so many memories but not very cohesive in terms or colour or style. One year, I favour bohemian-Indian gold tassles with pink and purple, the next it is all wrought iron.. I know I will never be like the great Karen Blixen who only decorated in white and silver (but think of the beauty of it!!! Just like snow..) but most of the pieces has a story to tell, and I guess that's the best thing.

 Eucalyptus branches with vintage iron roses.

I almost shrieked when I saw the door wreath. So stylish, and I absolutely adore the accent of the anemone. One of my favourite flowers..
And a nice way to use your candle holders for the Christmas tree before you get the tree.

 Again, a nice re-decorating of pieces you always have around. In stead of perhaps an exotic flower you showcase a branch with some ornaments. Oh, and what a great idea using an old flower box with oasis and put branches and flowers in it for a table centerpiece.

An old chair, a vintage lantern, antlers, and a small wreath. Simple greige decor at its best.
Actually, this is more of winter decor than Christmas decor. The only really Christmas-y is off course the tree, and yet this is also more rustic and simple than more traditional ones. Very sprase amount of ornaments, and very small too.

Once again, a flower box and branches. I really like this idea..

Decorate your chandelier with various sized ornaments making it look like a cloud with silver raindrops. Beautiful!
Antlers in a mason jar and a close-up on the table centerpiece.

So what do you think, too sparse, too chilly, or just right?

{from Danish interior magazine Bo Bedre}


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