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Friday, 30 September 2011

Weekly Favourites 39

Weekly Favourites 39, 2011

Ahh, finally... The weekend is upon us once again. Here in Denmark we are experiencing a lovely Indian Summer with temperatures around 22 degrees celcius.

For school I have been reading Wuthering Heights, and I must say that I am not particularly taken in by it. I'm still mushing over it a bit - but I am not in love. It saddens me a little though. I feel like I should be in love with this exuberant tale of passionate love being such a romantic as I am. I guess, I like the small sequences and the overall story rather than actually reading it word by word. It is such a strange feeling, and I don't really recall ever felt like that before towards a book.

I'm not sure whether it is a case of too high hopes, or just me being a cold fish at the moment.
Perhaps if I had read it at another time, more happy, I would feel otherwise. Nevertheless, I do see why it is such a masterpiece, and especially considering Emily Brontë herself and the surcomstanses in which this work was produced.

No, I'm too undecided on the matter. We'll see on Monday when my class will discuss the novel.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ava Gardner

I adore Ava Gardner. I find her one of the most incredible actresses to have graced the silver screen as well as my style icon solely based upon her role in Mogambo. Love love loove that film. So here's some eye candy (I think you can say that as a woman about another woman, no?)

 I have always found her to have the perfect pair of lips and eye brows. And off course her cheekbones don't do her features injustice..

 Don't you just love the drapings in the background of all of these Hollywood studio portraits? And they really knew how to use light and shadow in those days.

 From The Barefoot Contessa, I believe.

 Another studio portrait. Note the gorgeous shadow her corner eyelids make on her face, really enhance her cheekbones and the sultry look in her eyes.

 I just thought WOAW! when I saw this.. Gorgeous!

I mean, what can one do having eyes like that looking at you? Love the blouse as well..

And to look like this when you have reached the admirable years is perhaps not the worst thing in life.. Amazing.

{Images} {Image} 
 I just love this song so there's a bit of Ava live for you guys too... Enjoy!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Weekly Favourites 38

Weekly Favourites 38, 2011

Finally! Still don't know why it didn't show up yesterday but now it is here.. Since I saw the J-Crew crystal tie over at Pinterest I have been quite obsessed with it. Sadly though they don't ship to Denmark but I'm thinking of a little DIY. In my mind it is not that difficult, however, reality will show that my embroidering skills may lack some elegance. Nevermind that now though.
I'm quite fond of the suspenders too. Maybe I'm having a men's wear moment? But with a touch of glitter it can't be all wrong, no?

Hope you have had a lovely weekend, and see you in the new one...

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Chanel Splurge!

Sorry guys but you will have to miss the Weekly Faves this week as I can't get my set to appear over at Polyvore. I'll see if it has worked out tomorrow and then upload it. In stead, I will show you my Chanel splurge! I have NEVER bought that much makeup at one time, and certainly not in Chanel ,however, there were some amazing offers and so I couldn't help myself! Many nail polish colours that aren't in stock anymore or almost impossible to find, and some lovely lipsticks and.. Well, maybe I should just show you...
I can't even say what I'm most happy about - the gorgeous shimmering powder? The incredible Nouvelle Vague and Mistral? The devine lipstick shades? The suttle sparkly gloss? No - impossible to say. I love them all!

*All images mine*

Monday, 19 September 2011

Rococo Fashion

As you may know, Rococo is one of my favourite time eras in fashion, art, and history. Such friviliousness (is that even a word?!), sex, allure, and charm centered in one century. I do know that experts limit the term rococo to just a section of the 18th century, but I will apply it rather broadly here given that I am not conducting a research engine but mere interests and inspirations.

All of these faboulous beauties are found via Pinterest, and they are all collected in my board Rococo, which is increasingly becoming more and more popular. I get new followers almost every day - it is crazy! And wonderful that so many share my interest in vintage fashion and especially rococo. Please join, and take a look. Here's the link to my rococo-board. Enjoy!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Weekly Favourites 37

Once again, the weekend is upon us and I'm flat after a rather hectic week. My entrepreneurship class is really exciting but there's so much to do - and we are not even starting our own business yet! Last time, we had our results back on our JTI (a Scandinavian equivilent on the MBTI) and that was actually quite fun. If anyone want to know, I am INFP which stands for Introvert - Intuition - Feeling - Perceiving. It was actually kinda scarry how well the desciption matched me! So much for thinking I'm special!

Anyways, due to enourmous amounts of novels to be read and thus less free time, posts will probably come and go on no regular order whatsoever. I hope that's ok, but I did do my Weekly Faves this week..
My favourite of the favourite is the Topshop typewriter brooch! So adorable, and the Topshop Dalmatian booties too..
Are you guys sticking to leopard, or do you also do adventures in python, tiger, or dalmatian? I usually thought of myself as a leopard-only girl but this dalmatian-look quite grows on me. Who knows, maybe I'm soon gonna sport black and white hair Cruella-style! (not that likely though given that I'm trying to outgrow the old red hair dye) But perhaps I'll start with creating a dalmation manicure. More accessible, I think.
weekly favourites 37, 2011

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sonnet Sunday: Sonnet VI

I have something with owls at the moment (damn you, Pinterest!) and I just bought a copy of the Danish interior magazine Bolig Magasinet which had a special owl print as a present for the readers. It was so cute. They are pictured in the cut out framed. And well, it made me a bit inspired to draw my own owl in the blank space under the sonnet. I suffer greatly from Horror Vacui as you can tell, ha!
Anyways, there's not much on my mind today, just take care and share the joy. Make it a day for remembrance and bettering ourselves.

Love, TheDandelionChronicles

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Weekly Favourites week 36

Weekly favourites 36, 2011

I sure wish this was wedding or prom season because holy cow! there's some spectacular gowns among this week's new arrivals. I mean, you never fail with Oscar de la Renta but also Temperley and Alberta ferretti had some pretty pretty dresses coming along. And the gloves! Oh, I so want to wear gloves but I always feel that I over-dress myself or that it's too hot to wear them. But seriously!? How can I resist long Lanvin gloves with embellishments? It is almost against the Law of Nature!

Oh well, I'll leave the drooling over to you guys..

xoxo, thedandelionchronicles

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

1950s Vintage Fashion Illustrations

O' prettiness, O' prettiness - wherefore art these vintage? Photographers! Deny thy work and return to illustration - I would love the clothes so much more..

OK, a somewhat terrible pun on Shakespeare and my want of fahion illustration to have a greater say in today's magazines. In stead of just being a small vignette to the horoscopes I would like whole editorials with illustrations. Just as the clothes transform from the runway to the curated fashion spreads, illustraters do this all at once. No middle man, so to say. Yes, I know, I just keep on rambling about this but it would be so amazing!
Think about it, wouldn't you aspire to something like these more than a photo of a woman digitally mutilated?
Ok, I'll stop now.. I'll just show you in stead.

Maternity dresses. I'm positively dying for the coat! Camel coloured with pink lining.. At least that's how I imagine it.

How smart these young handsomes are in their trenches and plusfours! I doubt that I would ever succeed in getting a 10-year-old into an outfit like that but one must always have something to aspire to, nicht wa?

The elegant lady going to tea. My favourite is the second from left. That draping is so stylish.

At Home clothes. Yeah, I'll share a little secret with you guys - I look NOTHING like this when I'm at home! That waist!

I would almost reconsider never going somewhere cold for a vacation if I had something like this...

The New Look hits Denmark too. This is from 1950 and by then Denmark was slowly loosing the rationing stamps and women were able to some small splurges. Off course, nowhere near the excess of fabric used for the New Look, however, some of the details like cuffs and collars were worked into the dresses and suits they already had. My Grandmother has told me of how luxurious fabric-covered buttons were and double cuffs! I love when she talks about her mother's tailoring business, and her sewing all the beads for the embellishements on after school on their kitchen table under the lamp. It is clear where I have got my interest in fashion from..

Monday, 5 September 2011

1950s Danish Vintage Fashion Photography

A third installment of my vintage magazines from mostly the 1950s. This time, I will consentrate on the fashion inspirations. They are so gorgeous, just you guys wait and see. So funny to think that these are the designs and looks that my grandmother aspired to when she was at my age. These looks somehow never go out of fashion - at least not in my opinion. I will always favour a New Look over a Kate Moss-look despite the crinched waists and probably dying of heat! At least I'll know I did it in style..

I mean, I would positively die to wear a evening coat like the Balenciaga on the right. Oh my Lord!

And I don't think that you can be better or more stylish looking than this lady. Wuaw!

How cool is this purse? It is created to be tied around your wrist so you still can use your hands - stylishly clever!

Tomorrow, I will show you the illustrated fashion inspirations that were in the magazines. Three words for you: To. Die. For!


Saturday, 3 September 2011

Chanel Nail Polish Cabaret

This is just so funny that I had to post it here as well. {via Fashionista}

Weekly Favourites week 35

Weekly Favourites 35, 2011

I am completely in love with those dusty blue shoes and the embellished Preen blouse. So pretty and so not Fall look to them. I already have the Chanel Peridot nail polish but I'm waiting to try it properly until my nails are better and stronger. Two months worth of stress don't do any good for your poor nails.
Actually, I find it quite fascinating how quickly your body throws a response to poor health and lifestyle choices. if people would just stop and listen to it because 10 out of 10, your body is right! Don't trust your brain on those issues.. If you feel pain - there's something wrong. Period!

Luckily, I don't suffer from inexplainable pains but I know some who do, and it is very frustrating but people really have to push their physicists and doctors to further tests even when they have said there's 'nothing wrong' because.. well, then you wouldn't be in pain, now would you?
I'm sounding bitter right now, I know. It is just frustrating for those of us on the sideline and not being able to bring comfort to the loved ones in pain.  What a sorry note, this post is coming off at.. Better turn my mind to merrier stuff.

For school, I'm reading Dracula and I really enjoy re-reading it. So many details I was oblivious to the first time. Do you experience that too? Maybe that's the test of the quality of a novel - does it keep bringing something new to your reading experience? Does it keep being up-to-date in a way? Very exited about the next couple of classes. I'm such a geek. (And I quite like it!)


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