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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ava Gardner

I adore Ava Gardner. I find her one of the most incredible actresses to have graced the silver screen as well as my style icon solely based upon her role in Mogambo. Love love loove that film. So here's some eye candy (I think you can say that as a woman about another woman, no?)

 I have always found her to have the perfect pair of lips and eye brows. And off course her cheekbones don't do her features injustice..

 Don't you just love the drapings in the background of all of these Hollywood studio portraits? And they really knew how to use light and shadow in those days.

 From The Barefoot Contessa, I believe.

 Another studio portrait. Note the gorgeous shadow her corner eyelids make on her face, really enhance her cheekbones and the sultry look in her eyes.

 I just thought WOAW! when I saw this.. Gorgeous!

I mean, what can one do having eyes like that looking at you? Love the blouse as well..

And to look like this when you have reached the admirable years is perhaps not the worst thing in life.. Amazing.

{Images} {Image} 
 I just love this song so there's a bit of Ava live for you guys too... Enjoy!

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