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Sunday, 20 January 2013

{Tumblr Crush} I am a dreamer

Sunday greetings my darlings! I hope this week has been kind to you and you are at good heart in planning the next.
As mentioned in my first post in this little series of my Tumblr crushes, I want to introduce some of my favourite blogs to you.
One of my very favourite tumblr blogs is 'I am a dreamer' by Val Molière and I must always restrain myself so not to reblog all her posts! I often wonder whether we are spireted twins because I feel so recognized and at home on her blog. Rustic nature and living meets challenging and inspiring design are perhaps the two key features on her blog. Whenever I have visited it, I feel more at ease and appreciative no less.
So here is a small compliation of her pictures which add up to this fantastic blog. Enjoy.
Glædelig søndag til jer alle. Jeg håber, at denne uge har været god ved jer og at I ser frem til den næste.
Som jeg nævnte i det første indlæg i denne serie af Tumblr Crushes, så vil jeg introducere nogle af mine favorit blogs til jer.
En af mine absolutte favoritter er 'I am a dreamer' af Val Molière, og jeg skal virkelig styre mig for ikke at bruge alle hendes indlæg. Jeg har spekuleret på om vi er sjælelige tvillinger da jeg føler mig så genkendt og som om at jeg er hjemme når jeg ser på hendes blog. Rustik natur og bolig møder inspirerende og innovativt design er vel nok hovedtemaet ved hendes blog. Hver gang jeg besøger den føler jeg mig bedre tilpas og inspireret.
Så en lille samling af de billeder, som er med til at udgøre denne smukke tumblr blog. 
ladiscarica:sato masaharu

Re-purposed shovels: Pinecones by Maine artist Patrick Plourde.
Gaufres graphiques… by __AK__ on Flickr.

String gardens by Fedor van der Valk, Amsterdam
Igreja dos Clérigos - 7 | Angel statue by Paulo Dykes on Flickr.

Home Decor, Collectible, Housewares, Crocheted Lace Stone, Handmade Art, Original, Table Decoration, Golden Beige Thread with Gray Stone by Monicaj (65.00 USD)
All images found via Val Molière's tumblr. Please visit her blog and enjoy much more like these.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Winter Elegance Extraordinaire

It is freezing here in Denmark at the moment, and thus it is one of the only times I rejoice in my somewhat voluntary confinement working on my thesis in doors. (sorry for the long hiatus though my posts will probably be very scattered until April when I finish) It is so cold I get migraines if I don't have something very warm protecting my ears when I go out. But how to combine practicality and elegance?
One of my top style wishes is to one day have a white fur hat. Ever since I saw Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story and saw the perfect white fur fox hat, it has been my ultimate luxury item. Luckily, I live in a country which experience such low temperatures every year so I could justify the use of such a hat. And of course there are starting to be some very nice and elegant faux choices too which don't look like plastic of wool, as well as the vintage option.
So in future winter fashion elegance aspirations, here are some of the most beautiful looks around the internet.
 Pinned Image

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Vintage 1960s Foxy Red Fox Fur Hat
109196 audrey hepburn steps out in the snow in a fur hat charade 1963 Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trends
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{image sources on the pictures}


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