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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Wednesday and Thursday, I visited Copenhagen with my parents and my older sister. It was just a little quick trip to get away from our daily lives I guess but it was very nice. We visited Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek which houses the biggest collection in Denmark of Antique and Impressionist art. Very fascinating to see some of the works 'live'. 
 Louise Bourgeios Natural Study
Edgar Degas' bronze sculpture. Very beautiful with the different texture mix between the bronze, silk and tulle.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Weekly Favourites week 4

Here's my faves from this week. The lack of updates is due to an impromto trip to Copenhagen with my family. So nice even though I suffered from some lack of sleep. I hope I'm soon back to normal in that way. I hate when I can't sleep..
Please go to my Polyvore to get the info as where to buy the lovely stuff presented here. Maybe I should have included a PJ for good karma?

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Kathrine Ærtebjerg

One of the most interesting and poetic Danish artists is Kathrine Ærtebjerg. She has an eerie style which at first impression seems very delicate and feminine but then suddenly turns very dark and with humorous characters and titles.
Her techinal skills are incredible. Large size paintings looking as delicate and fragile as a small water colour. You can see where her fingers ran through the wet paint to make the subtle nuances, and her choice of imagery shows her sense of humour. Large animals along with fairy tale girls and enchanted forests are just some of the alluring aspects of her work.
All of these images are taken from the book about her work, She is Ready. Please, also check out her website for more information about her and her work. Kathrine Ærtebjerg
The cover to the book of selected works of Kathrine Ærtebjerg.
 Surrender, devotion
 The Sacrifice and The Community. I really love the work on the right, the colours, the imagery, everything. It is very rare that she portrays men in her work so that gives this a certain appeal too because its a surprice to see a man where mostly women have been. 
 The Animals always came to her when she needed it the most. An example of the supricing eerieness of the fairy tale-like settings but with a dark and twisted edge. Is the monkey planting something in her or is he taken something from her?
 Move, change. Here you can see the water colour effect which I like to call it in search of a better word. The grass and branches started as one lump of paint and she then ran her finger through it to give it the slowly fading away in the directions she wanted. I like at the same time the polished and finished look this gives the painting and yet there's still room for more interpretation and what you bring to the painting. The canvas is not completely filled out with paint but you know its done.
Happy Mr Hansen. This is a part of the collection of comtemporary art at Aros Aarhus Art Museum.
The Dreams (Saturday). I don't know why but I think of Frida Khalo whenever I see this painting. I always think of Khalo's painting of the woman in bed with the featus floating in the air arround her. I don't think this is a more optimistic painting but perhaps a more poetic style that gives you the first impression that its beautiful and dreamy (pun unintended!) but then when you look closer you get a more uncertain feel about it whereas with Khalo you sense immendiately the sorrow and horror of the event she portrays.  
 External/Internal. I really adore her animals in the paintings. Here you can see again how she uses the water colour effect with the grass, the girl's braids and the animals' fur.
 Hunting, mural. This is perhaps the work that made her a household name when she was invited by the Crown Prince couple of Denmark to decorate their representatory rooms at Frederik VIII's palace together with a dozen other contemporary artists. Among those were also Olafur Elliasson whom you may have heard about. Especially his Waterfalls around the world.
Kathrine Ærtebjerg was assigned the kitchen/pantry. Note, this doesn't function as an ordinary kitchen but where the last preparations are made before the food is served in the mirror room which is the dining and reception room. She has stated that she choosed hunting as the theme as a hommage to the royal family's traditions in this area and as to where some of the food derives. Originally, the background colour was light purple but she changed it to yellow so it would go with the surrounding rooms. And when you look at it now it would look completely wrong with purple. Strange what a colour can do..  
Kathrine Ærtebjerg.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Back to School

I'm soon starting classes again and thinking how to dress the part. I need some essentials of course and I don't think you could go wring if you incorporate these items into your school look whether it being lectures or seminars. What's your essentials at school or work?
 The Topshop playsuite would be great for last of winter and early spring while stuck inside a class room. The colour is versatile and I like the little details like the pleading and the belt. The knit coat from H&M is also super great for this time of year. Stylish and warm which is important here in Scandinavia.. Otherwise, we'll probably die of pnemonia.. Topshop & H&M
The Oxfords are so cute and very versatile and wearable when you explore the town taking photos or sipping green tea on the nearby café. Effortless chic in my humble opinion. The marine tights are so thick that you can use them in the winter and the colour matches the playsuit's oxblod red colour great. And the best thing is that they don't cost a jet! Etsy & H&M
The most essential is the bag to carry your goodies and your school life in and this vintage dokument case is perfect (and goes well with the shoes too - match made in Heaven!) and to keep track of your apponitments of in case of needing spare doodle paper - the weekly notebook from Moleskine. Ever since I tried it I became addicted. I love that you have a spare paper for thoughts and to-do lists or something else that doesn't have to be jotted into a specific date. I don't know but I get frustrated when I have used up all the space of a date and have to write additional stuff on other dates of along the margins. And I don't have that much to do to fill out a large daily calendar so this is perfect for me.
During a long day of studying or listening to silly student representations (I personally don't get anything out of them) it is vital to have a little something something to get your sugar level straight and these pastils from Italian Leone are delightful.. Their size, packaging (cute little boxes with various images - I have several that didn't even show on their website!), colour, taste, smell, and LOOK! Cute cute cute overload!! Currently, I'm snacking on the 'mixed flavours' but I have a thing for vanilla at the moment so maybe I should stock up soon. Pastiglie Leone

I tend to get very dry hands and lips so I always carry hand cream and either a lip balm or a lipstick in my bag. I have for the past year or so been completely in love with Mor Cosmetics and especially their 'Snow Gardenia' line. Its not too heavy a scent but still gives you that luxurious feeling even in the middle of a class room taking notes. And the look of it suggests you are in a leage of your own.. Precious! And if that isn't enough, take out the Coco Rouge lipstick from Chanel and make their heads spin! I have already too many lipsticks but I really love the 'Mademoiselle' nuance, subtle and chic. Mor Cosmetics & Chanel 
I have a 'thing' for white notebooks. Their clean polished pristine look gives you the clar base of some serious philosophering (is that a word?). And our brother land Sweden certainly knows how to do this. Ordning & Reda offers you a great selection of calendars, stationary, notebooks, pens and paper in almost all shapes and colours. I'd use the big one in class and the little on 'field trips' or to secret messages from the other students. Wouldn't that be nice to stumple upon during a boring re-cap? Ordning & Reda

And last but not least, the camera I'm saving up for. It almost aches wainting to have enough money for it and to think of all the amazing photos I can make with this beauty. This is the reason why I'm not shopping this year - at all!!! I figured that I would sooner be able to buy this if I didn't spend my money on clothes I won't wear to shreds which in fact is the least you can do. I can't even explain how much clothes I have stocked up that needs to be either sold or given to charity. I couldn't even remember a lot of the stuff! Canon 

Now, I will go through my remaining clothes and accessories and try to find something that could be honourable substitutes for these goodies I've shown you. I'm actually embracing my new life (style?) as a non-shopper. And definately more aware of what I don't really need or want when it comes to actually paying. I also think I'm getting more aware of what my true style really is, I'm leaning more and more towards the more clean and simple look but not minimalist though - I love colours and prints - in stead of the eclectial and 'roundabout' look I'm used to and actually annoyed with. So that's probably a little revelation on top of my resolution this year. Not that bad finally figuring out.

Have a wonderful weekend...

Friday, 21 January 2011

Weekly Favourites week 3

Once again, its Friday and time for my weekly favourites among the online shops' new arrivals. Loads of goodies out there, and far more than I can show here. I might do a little 'extra' to some of those that didn't 'make the cut'..
Please click the links to go to the items' webshops.. Enjoy!
Seperates Week 3, 2011
Dresses week 3, 2011
1: Vionnet Bodice-detailed silk-chiffon dress, 2.808 EUR 2: GAI MATTIOLO Dress 705 EUR 3: Lanvin Asymmetric silk-satin wrap gown, $4,890 4: LAYERED LACE DRESS - Marc Jacobs 3.500 EUR, 5: PROENZA SCHOULER Dress, 498 EUR 6: Jason Wu Bow-embellished silk-faille dress, $2,600  7: MARNI Dress, 390 EUR 8: MARNI Dress, 480 EUR
Accessories Week 3, 2011
1: Stine Goya mirror necklace 630 Dkr 2: Isabel Marant drop earrings €75 3: Miu Miu polka-dot sandals €350 4: Bottega Veneta leather tote €2100 5: Miu Miu pailette handbag €795 6: Valentino flower bracelet €421.14 7: Lee Angel Annalise necklace $320 8: Proenza Schouler necklace $650 9: Uslu Airlines DJ nail polish 165 Dkr 10: Smythson 'Dreams and Thougts' notebook $410 11: Topshop Clever bunny ring £12.50 12: TopshopSwallow and Flower multipack £8.50 13: Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Mary Janes $390

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Inspired by Clémence Poésy

I am in love with her name.. Simple as that! Seriously POETRY!? How freaking lucky is it to be named that? I'm full of envy..
So I will dedicate these pictures to that amazing name. I really don't know anything about except she's an actress and a model from France. So here goes Parisian Chic, fashion, pink, romantic, and stylish. Enjoy...

Clémence Poésy via
Mor Cosmetics. Aren't these just gorgeous? I love the name, scent and look of these goodies. Via
Oscar de la Renta rtw s11 via

How incredible wouldn't it be to invite your friend for tea time and serving with Flora Danica!? I mean, a cup is like a gazillion and that's just the start of prices! But pretty pretty pretty.. I would ask for the violet designs, you know if I was to order.. ehm.. a cup.. ehm.. Via

Otherwise, if I can't have the Flora Danica I could settle for this charming set. I really think Manolo or Louboutin should design a set with their illustrations. Like the Laduree boxes.. Via

They just have prettier houses there.. I want a pretty building too.. Via

Another picture of Mor Cosmetics. Its just so cute.. and the cupcakes looks tasty! Via

One of my favourite perfumes.. And a bit of Parisian chic.. Via

So there you go.. I'm just in a frency feel at the moment. Consider daily how I can move to Paris and live of my art. Haven't quite figured that out yet but in dreams anything goes. In dreams, I too have a poetic name and a charming pout (my lips are too big in real life. I look like I have an allergic reaction if I make a pout!) I'm also wondering how I can make my apartment look more Parisian so I'm looking over various pictures of French inspired rooms but please mail me or comment if you have ideas or links. I'd be glad for more inspirations. I'm that lazy that I want to do it right the first time..
See you tomorrow with my Weekly faves..

Sunday, 16 January 2011

J'adore Juliette...

I watched Les Enfant du Siécle a couple of days ago and what an amazing film! It stars Juliette Binoche as George Sand and Benoît Magimel as Alfred du Musset - the infamous literary couple and today especially George Sand's works are must reads. I can highly recommend the film, for the story, costumes and decor and everything else really.
It also made me rediscover Juliette Binoche. I LOVED her in Chocolat (how can you NOT love that film?) and I find her one of the most beautiful and talented actresses. I wouldn't mind if I woke up one day looking like her. Her or Rachel Weisz.. That would be fine!
So here's some pictures of her while I finally get my hands on a dvd of The English Patient (I know its terrible I haven't seen it yet but read the novel twice though)
 This still is from the said film Les Enfants du Siécle (The Children of the Century).
Click images for source.


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