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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Inspired by Clémence Poésy

I am in love with her name.. Simple as that! Seriously POETRY!? How freaking lucky is it to be named that? I'm full of envy..
So I will dedicate these pictures to that amazing name. I really don't know anything about except she's an actress and a model from France. So here goes Parisian Chic, fashion, pink, romantic, and stylish. Enjoy...

Clémence Poésy via
Mor Cosmetics. Aren't these just gorgeous? I love the name, scent and look of these goodies. Via
Oscar de la Renta rtw s11 via

How incredible wouldn't it be to invite your friend for tea time and serving with Flora Danica!? I mean, a cup is like a gazillion and that's just the start of prices! But pretty pretty pretty.. I would ask for the violet designs, you know if I was to order.. ehm.. a cup.. ehm.. Via

Otherwise, if I can't have the Flora Danica I could settle for this charming set. I really think Manolo or Louboutin should design a set with their illustrations. Like the Laduree boxes.. Via

They just have prettier houses there.. I want a pretty building too.. Via

Another picture of Mor Cosmetics. Its just so cute.. and the cupcakes looks tasty! Via

One of my favourite perfumes.. And a bit of Parisian chic.. Via

So there you go.. I'm just in a frency feel at the moment. Consider daily how I can move to Paris and live of my art. Haven't quite figured that out yet but in dreams anything goes. In dreams, I too have a poetic name and a charming pout (my lips are too big in real life. I look like I have an allergic reaction if I make a pout!) I'm also wondering how I can make my apartment look more Parisian so I'm looking over various pictures of French inspired rooms but please mail me or comment if you have ideas or links. I'd be glad for more inspirations. I'm that lazy that I want to do it right the first time..
See you tomorrow with my Weekly faves..

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