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Friday, 31 August 2012

{Monthly Favourites} August 2012

Monthly Favourites August 2012

Mary Katrantzou pencil dress, 6.285 DKK / Stine Goya print dress, 2.200 DKK / Acne cotton sweater, 1.490 DKK / Haider Ackermann leather jacket, 27.500 DKK / Acne jacket, 15.910 DKK / Wool jacket, 3.480 DKK / Temperley London long skirt, 13.630 DKK / Dion Lee pencil skirt, 5.910 DKK / Stine goya, 1.600 DKK / T By Alexander Wang ruched skirt, 970 DKK / Acne high heel boots, 3.385 DKK / Tory Burch boots, 4.190 DKK / Ash lace up boots, 1.185 DKK / Chloé leather bag, 10.660 DKK / Kimberly McDonald diamond jewelry, 169.510 DKK / Marni clip on earrings, 2.970 DKK / Isabel Marant teardrop earrings, 1.130 DKK / Etro, 3.445 DKK / Burberry bow belt, 2.525 DKK / Burberry leather belt, 2.470 DKK / Miu Miu CRYSTAL-EMBELLISHED CABLE KNIT PULLOVER, 7.040 DKK / One Kings Lane - VintageCouture - Chanel Pastel Handbag

The end of what must have been quite a fashion month here on my blog. Even though I have treated you to next season's goodies I will not leave out my favourites from this month. And I love fall and winter outfits so naturally I am very excited about all the boots, knits, and warm accessories coming in the online stores now. Yet we still have the colours from spring and summer to spritz things up a bit before the fall truly kicks in.

This month I have been drawn towards a somewhat curious combination of looks; equestrian chic and boho. I adore all things equestrian even though I have only been on a horse three times in my life! But I would without a blink of an eye wear these Tory Burch-boots. So gorgeous! The same goes for the divine maxi skirt from Temperley London. Though I doubt a mxi skirt would be good idea once rain and snow arrives.
Other than that, I really like the look from Burberry with the bow belt on top of their coats, and I think I will copy this look myself. A good tip with a too large coat to define your curves.

What else? Oh, the gorgeous prints and colours still going strong from summer, how lovely is that pastel Chanel bag?! And a touch of treasure on your ears and you are ready for any adventure. Fare well!!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

{CFW SS13} Baum und Pferdgarten & Peter Jensen

Guess what!? More Danish fashion... I hope you enjoy this as much as I do because I really think Denmark has some really talented designers, and well, let's be honest, CFW is not as hyped (yet!) as Paris, London or Milan. And I do feel it as a sort of duty to spread the word when I think we in Denmark do great stuff. A little patriotic, but I hope you don't mind.
Today, I will show two of the more curious and funny brands; Baum und Pferdgarten and Peter Jensen. Basically, they are all about colours, colours, and fun in fashion. A nice contrast to the more demure wardrobe essentials that we usually do here.
First up is Baum und Pferdgarten.
Don't you just love the coats?
Next is off course Peter Jensen who is also the first with men's wear (that I at least feature here..)
I cannot help but thinking the men's wear match Baum und Pferdagrden's women's wear perfectly. Super cute date outfits, no? True, it would take a brave guy who wants to get noticed but at the same time doesn't take himself too seriously. Do you know any such guys?!
 I think I would pick up the whole bill if my date wore baby pink gingham shorts on our date! So awesome, and actually in the 1910s, pink was the colour for boys and blue was the colour for girls! It didn't change until about the 1950s. And I actually think that the male model wears pink better than the girl model below. Perhaps something about the complexion?
But I do adore pink and the various hues of pink. It can be a tricky colour to wear in case of your teint and style. Here I think it is done rather cool with the edgy slit. It is difficult to see here, but the slit is perhaps 10 cm and rounded. A really cool detail without making too much fuss at the same time.
Images: Copenhagen Fashion Week

Monday, 27 August 2012

{CFW SS13} Tabernacle Twins & Wackerhaus

The first up today is one of the fast moving young design brands here in Denmark. If you are into bold prints and colours, Tabernacle Twins might be your to go-designer. It is a fresh take on some well loved styles, and I partically like the everyday dresses and it is so nice to see something other than black! Here in Denmark we are going head first into autumn - no leaves have fallen - but all black ensembles are fast and vastly appearing on the street. I do think that if that is the only look you have it easily gets boring in stead of being elegant.
Oh well, enough of my ranting. Here are some lovely pictures of a not-boring brand.
 Next is Wackerhaus, a brand which grows on me season after season.. This season I really like the glitter (no wonder!) paired with the low key feel to the looks. I am already anticipant of these styles showing up in stores and in magazines.
 My personal favourite from Wackerhaus. It's the coat, I think. So gorgeous.
All images from Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

{CFW SS13} Elsa Adams; Whiite; Ole Yde

Some more lovely looks of promise for next summer. Here in Denmark, we just had a small heatwave but now it seems like autumn is slowly setting in. Not that I mind that much really (I know, it is a terrible thing to say) because I am looking forward to be wearing boots, scarfs, gloves, and stockings. I cannot seem to pull out my inner fashionista when it is too hot. So many of these looks would also just be something I would wear in the spring or on a 'cold' summer's day.

First up is Swedish designer Elsa Adams who is a lace artist. I believe this is the first time she shows in Copenhagen, but I really liked her designs. Even though she is known for her use of lace, it was especially the white leather jacket which caught my eye. Very feminine and edgy at the same time.

Next, is the brand which featured one of my favourite looks of all the showing brands. Quite extraordinary that I haven't picked out more looks from Whiite, but it was a very basic and safe collection, very wearable and stylish at the same time. It was just that I thought it had been done before. However, some of the looks were extremely well done and I am head over heels in love with the last look, the suit. So beautiful!
I really adore the jacket and find it epic chic that the trousers are capri length.

Last up for today is Ole Yde, another designer which gave the glam in glamour. Like Jesper Høvring, he dresses the rich and the beautiful while the rest of us dreams of his designs. And dreamy they are, though I did find his cellection this time to be slightly more minimalistic if that can ever be descriptive of gowns and cocktail dresses. His collection had pops of bright, almost neon, colours, but the looks I liked the best were his white and black designs. Again, a dressing suit and 30s inspired gowns were my favourites.

So, a little more from the Denmark's efforts of establishing us as a fashion nation.

all images from Copenhagen Fashion Week

Friday, 17 August 2012

{CFW SS13} Jesper Høvring

Jesper Høvring is probably the closest we come an Haute Couture-designer working in Denmark. Well, we don't have the largest clientel for extravagant gowns. Nevertheless, the ones who does wear gowns on a more recent basis than the rest of us, usually joins up with Jesper Høvring. His collection is old school glamour, and I am always gonna be caught up with glitter and tulle so naturally his collection was one of my favourites.
I especially liked his suits with a pretty blouse and an elegant skirt in addition to his models of pants suits. Its nice to see formal wear not just being a gown and a clutch. And I would wear the look in the second photo in a heart beat!
Epic details on the trousers. Such an understated and yet glamourous look. Love it.
 My very favourite look from the collection. A chiffon blouse with a full embellished skirt, it must be crazy heavy.. But what an impact!
A photo from the finale showing the narrow colour cheme; black, white, grey, and red. But it works..

Images: Copenhagen Fashion Week
final image:

Thursday, 16 August 2012

{CFW SS13} Stine Goya

All Danish fashionistas' darling, Stine Goya, showed a very beautiful collection inspired by old school circus fairs. I almost wanted to dye my hair pink and cover my face in glitter! Then again, I guess I will stick to the clothes in stead.
Stine Goya's force is her use of colours and prints. And this collection is no exception.
 Danish top model, Caroline Brasch opened the show. I am partically fond of the top. So pretty..
 I predict this to be one of the big sellers in the collection. Her easy-going silk dresses with gorgeous prints and colours just always work. For many Danish women it is their go-to way of adding colour into their wardrobe which otherwise would be completely black.
 I predict this top to make its rounds on the covers of Danish magazines. The fringes are gold threads, and its so cool..
 A backstage photo of the nails and jewelry by Trine Tuxen.
 I N.E.E.D. this look! Period!
 I wish I could pull off cotton candy hair and a white pant suit encrustered with sequins. J'adore!

Runway images: Copenhagen Fashion Week
Backstage image:


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