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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

{CFW SS13} By Malene Birger

One of our most succesful designers is without a doubt Malene Birger. Her lady like dresses with bold colours which is wearable on a daily basis is a huge hit among most Danish - and international - women. Next summer will celebrate the label's 10 year anniversary and the new collection is a perfect celebration! Silk prints, glitter, glamour, and style all is one.
The Danish fashion hob-nobbers are already fighting over the long printed skirts featured in the last photo. It is a pity I couldn't find a photo of all the skirts in the finale, bit I loved how they were just paired with a simple white tee - Brandon Walsh-style... 
 I really like this coat but I fear it will be out of my prize range when it hits stores in the spring.
Such a lovely look, no?
 Adore these trousers... And I cannot for my life pick which one I like the best!
 I have sort of decided that if I get a double-digit grade for my dissertation in the spring, then the orange heels will be mine! I L.O.V.E. them...
And the gorgeous full length printed silk skirts. You can just get a hint of the other skirts behind the front one. Basically, it was all of the fabrics from the rest of the collection. This will definately be a coveted look in ALL of the magazines next year. Maybe even from the November issue this year?

Runway images from Copenhagen Fashion Week
Detail/Backstage images via

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