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Monday, 27 August 2012

{CFW SS13} Tabernacle Twins & Wackerhaus

The first up today is one of the fast moving young design brands here in Denmark. If you are into bold prints and colours, Tabernacle Twins might be your to go-designer. It is a fresh take on some well loved styles, and I partically like the everyday dresses and it is so nice to see something other than black! Here in Denmark we are going head first into autumn - no leaves have fallen - but all black ensembles are fast and vastly appearing on the street. I do think that if that is the only look you have it easily gets boring in stead of being elegant.
Oh well, enough of my ranting. Here are some lovely pictures of a not-boring brand.
 Next is Wackerhaus, a brand which grows on me season after season.. This season I really like the glitter (no wonder!) paired with the low key feel to the looks. I am already anticipant of these styles showing up in stores and in magazines.
 My personal favourite from Wackerhaus. It's the coat, I think. So gorgeous.
All images from Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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