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Monday, 28 November 2011

Franken Giveaway at {Fashion Polish}

This nail polish enthusiast creates her own magnifiscent frankens, and this week she is offering them in a giveaway! I know, I would drop everything in hand if I won, so please head over to her perfectly manicured site and check it out!

And some sneak peaks of her polishes:

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Advent Wreaths 2011

Oh oh oh - Ho ho ho, Christmas is now upon us..
Today is the 1st Sunday in Advent, and I have gathered a little collage of inspiration in how to decorate your Advent wreaths anno 2011.

I am finding myself being drawn towards to minimalistic and nature-looking objects, however my own wreath is a black metal one with a little silver and gold and my tall ox-blood coloured candles. I will show you later, maybe next Sunday..

For now it is all about the inspirational talent around us.. Enjoy!

 The hanging version with dryed hydrengeas and silver gems.

An antique French church candle wreath. Gorgeous...

The wooden one with winter berries and shiny candles.

 This is my favourite! Stones with holes that fit the slim candles. So simple, so Scandinavian, so stylish!

Crochet covered jars and cones. If anyone out there is a DIY'er, this would be awesome! Not too Christmas-y either which I always am in favour of. I like everything with a little modest and easy-going thrown in.

The everlasting one: a Stelton Explore 4-lights candle holder with just a little winter nature and white candles. This can be used all year round, just change the decor.

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6}

Sonnet Sunday XII

{My Moleskine}

The photo is an extract from a painting my mother owns. I cannot remember the artist's name though.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Weekly Favourites 47

weekly favourites 47, 2011

The Holiday season seems to have hit the online stores big time this week. Lots of fashion books, home decor items, as well as the little party frocks for all the get-togethers during December and January.

I for one would wear The Row's white dress (I love the sleeves) and in the cold weather the rabbit and racoon hoodie would be perfect. That would also go with my Zara boucle coat at home which hasn't got a collar.

For Christmas Eve, I would go for the Roland Mouret dress and the Topshop tights. The perfect dress with the little twist on the neckline. And during the long hours waiting to open the presents (I am hoping for that faboulous Rosa Maria-ring) the deck of cards from Lanvin would come quite in handy. (In Denmark, we exchange presents on Christmas Eve after dancing around the tree)

When all is said and ate, the scented candle which is inspired by Marie Antoinette's Petit Trianon will surely cure my post-Christmas blues.

Any musthaves or must-wishes this year? The white blazer would be mine..

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cecilia Carlstedt

Do you know the Swedish fashion illustrator Cecilia Carlstedt? If not, let me introduce you to her beautiful works.
Feminine, flirty, colourful, and lovely would be my words to describe the illustrations.

I have had my eyes on her works for quite some time, and with my recent decision (which has been a while on the way) to invest and buy art instead of clothes, I recieved an offer through a website to purchase one of her prints. Needless to say, I jumped at it, especially when I could save a little money too. This is the one I bought....

I am so looking forward to frame it and hang it in my bedroom.. I just have the perfect spot for it as well as the photo print I won via TabithaEmma and MaGalerie.
Here's some of Cecilia Carlstedt's other works..

Her official website is currently being built but you can discover her work through Art Dept 

Friday, 18 November 2011

Fashion Fix: Carey Mulligan's costume in The Great Gatsby

I know it has only been seconds since my Weekly Favourites post and wish for a good weekend but then I saw this in my news feed, and.... I'm in love! With everything.. I can't even decide which guy I have a cruch on the most, Tobey in his green cardigan or Leo in his dapper white suit.. And off course, you cannot help but love Carey and her infectious smile.

Oh, and do note the two-toned stockings she is wearing!

Discovered via Mellow Mayoness

Weekly Favourites 46

weekly favourites 46, 2011

Oh well, what to tell you.. I did go to the Versace for H&M circus yesterday but not in the morning though.. I need my beauty sleep and I feel very much attached to my life so I wouldn't risque it fighting with the crazy ladies over a dress.. However, when I strolled in around noon I did get two dresses (returned one though due to size and fit), a bracelet, and a ring. The ring is on the large side but its okay. I love my pink silk dress with gold studs. In my world it is very versatile.

Also my troubles with my scholarship program have been solved (I haven't said anything here but it has been very stressing and I have lived without any income for the past two months!) and thus I celebrated a little by buying the Chanel Rouge Carat nailpolish. It is soooo gorgeous.
Today, I went birthday present shopping with my mother and I believe that every inhabitant of Aarhus was on the main streets today. Glad to be home and alive!

So, did any of you lovely people go to the H&M-frenzy or did you save your hard-earned money? I was actually a bit surprised to know that it had been the jewelry that sold out first, and then the leather jackets. I was positive that the dresses and the scarf-bag were the first to go but there's still several of them in Aarhus. I don't know about online though..

Anyways, have a lovely weekend...

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Are Blogs the new Chick-Lit?


A couple of days ago, I read an article about the decline of chick-lit. The article tried to give reasons why this is so, and especially one of the reasons was somewhat surprising to me when I read it.

First, the article argues that due to the recession no one really wants to read about spending and shopping.
Second, they argue that the readers who started reading chick-lit when it first appeared are now older and want perhaps more serious issues dealt with like children and career jugling. This is quite clear in the chick-lit series like the Shopaholic-books by Sophia Kinsella. The main character now has husband and baby. This is apparently called mom-lit and deals with these issues in a more light-hearted way.
Then there's the female readers who turned to crime fiction. Especially here in Scandinavia crime fiction is huge. And when I say huge I mean HUGE! In the Scandinavian books with female main characters, they also tend to be about the characters' personal lives, and the argument goes that these readers find a more serious (?) literature along with the subjects of their interests.

However, the last argument was that the classic chick-lit in book form has been swallowed by the blogs on the Internet. At first, I really disagreed and was actually a little hurt, but now I'm starting to see their point.
Some blogs have spending and shopping as their main profile, and I can see why the constantly on-going blog can be compared to chick-lit in this way.  Nevertheless, I think to say that blogs have literally ruined the chick-lit genre is going a bit too far. Perhaps only the journal/diary like of the blogs can be called substitues for chick-lit, and that still depends on the voice and style of the blog.
Personally I can still see the possibilities for both mediums for expressing the life and issues of (mostly) young women, however as with everything else, it needs to take it's readers seriously and not trying to be something else.  

But the article's arguments did get me thinking of my own blog - what profile am I here? What am I compared to other blogs? Should my blog be more clear profile-wise?
I like writing, and I like the variety of blogs I follow. And I think this blog shows my varied interests but I guess I will think more of what I show and what I really want to say here.

Have you had similar thoughts on the subject? When you started, did you have a clear picture of your blog and what it was supposed to do, or has it evolved over time? Perhaps even completely changed?

I find this question fascinating, are we (bloggers) the new chick-lit? Will perhaps the most popular or clear-cut blogs be published in book-form? And what does it take to be a good blog?

So many questions, I know..
Anyways, here's the link to the article (its in Danish, sorry non-Danes) 

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Weekly Favourites 45

Weekly Favourites 45

I am experiencing a fast-growing love for simle and elegant jewelry which can work both on the daily basis as well on special occasions. The Alex Monroe collection is spot on this love, and the small accents of diamonds and other gemstones are to die for. Subtle and very elegant without the flashy-tacky feel. With that said, I also like big and glitter as long as the materials and the designs are good.. And with one statement piece {the Topshop Star necklace} and the rest subtle, I think it could work well together.

And I still love the past Miu Miu collection and the top would work great with other things in my wardrobe without being too much last season. I like when pieces work like that and that's probably the tell-tell sign if you buy with your heart or are a fashion-victim with no clear personal style. Don't get me wrong, I like to be on-trend but I also know that with many things I followed the fashion trends past instead of wearing what I really liked or what suited me and my figure. Maybe it is an aspect of getting older. No more city shorts or flared trousers for me! Scorned child fears the fire - or something..

On another note, does anyone know whether the Coca Cola lip balms taste like Coke? If yes, I'm so gonna get them... for my sister!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

{The Dandelion Chronicles} 1 year old!

The morning was set off by an exquisite breakfast with the last blooming roses from the garden. The coffee was hot and the croissants were buttery. Nothing else to do but to enjoy the tastes and slowly feel the coffee invigorate you for the birthday of this little blog.

Presents wrapped in the prettiest paper with lace trimmings waited the birthady girl when she descended the stairs. All she ever wanted and dreamt of was there..

Balloons, glitter, and happy faces, all there to greet you and wish you the very best of best's.

Cakes outdoing the decor and sugary sweets to melt on your tongue. Macarons, eclairs, tartes...

Blackcurrant layercake with white chocolate cream and liqourice marenges.

Sparklers all around to celebrate the first year of my little darling which The Dandelion Chronicles has become.

I just want to say thank you to my followers and all the sweet visitors from all around the globe. It is truly amazing to know that people far far away have visited my little outlet of inspiration and creativity. I could not ask for a sweeter online community than what I am a part of here and to think that other bloggers have featured my blog in their blogrolls and links makes me quite humble.
I am greatful for having found other people who like the same things that I do and also tries to give their lives a little sparkle, and I hope this little blog will be around for a long time.

                                      The Dandelion Chronicles

{1: My scan, 2: via WeHeartIt, 3: via Pinterest, 4: via Tumblr, 5: My scan, and 6: via Making Magique}

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fashion Fix: My Wonderful World of Fashion

Do you know these books? They are super adorable and just by the thumb nails {such a TEASE, Laurence King!} I want them all!
I like the naive style and playful tone, and would probably be lost for hours in these. My biggest concern would be if I really dared to colour them or whether I should just keep them au naturel...

The colouring books are £12.95 each and the postcard book is £6.95. {first} {second} {postcard}


The first two slides are from the first colouring book My Wonderful World of Fashion and the last three are from My Even More Wonderful World of Fashion. Both by Nina Chakrabarti at

{Images via}

Monday, 7 November 2011


Just some photos of my most recent manicures. No theme or something. Just a little this and that.

Spellbound by SpaRituals. I really like this, the coverage was good and sparkle just as I like it.

Spellbound again with two rings from H&M Devided collection. The set contains four rings, the two shown as well as a fox and a double twig. The last one you can see in the second to last photo.

H&M Double Nail Polish in Dusty Nails. They were almost one coater and especially the grey is wonderful on the nails. Will work for many skintones, I think. 

Here with GOSH's Rainbow over. I really love my Rainbow polish, so I stocked up when I heard it was discontinued.

Ebony from Yves Rocher. Do you know that firm? It is a post order firm and I can highly recommend their lipsticks and hand cremes.
Their nail polish collection is not big and the bottles only contain around 3 Ml, but easy to travel with then, and Ebony was two coats and topcoat.

Do you also test nail polishes in shops on tape? I find it nice to get a chance to see whether their formula is thick or if the shimmer shows up. These ones are from left: Chanel's Christmas collection Rouge Carat {I think!!!} and the rest are from Dior's Winter or Christmas collection. I like the Chanel one and the second from Dior (the middle test).

The nail polishes on my Moleskine illustration of the Blue Fluted design from Royal Copenhagen.
Oh well, so many nail polishes so little time, and so few hands!

See you on Wednesday which is this little blog's 1-year birthday!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Weekly Favourites 44

weekly favourites 44, 2011

I'm on the search for some good fall and winter boots, stylish enough to go with my pretty girly dresses and practical enough to conquer the snow in Denmark in the winter. All the pretty and most stylish boots have very high heels, and even though I love them and they make me look great, it wont be the same effect when I fall head-first in the snow or on the icy streets.. But maybe these Alexander Wangs will do the trick of combining both? The heel seem managable and they would give my dresses an edge.

Oh, and how about those earrings? I really thought it was a glitch when I read the prize tag but apparently no.. Now I know what rare sapphires cost - in case I ever needed that information for - you know - to buy them! I guess the tattoo tights are more within my range of pleasing my bank account manager. No need to riun her day so early in the month, right?

Anyways, hope you all have a great weekend with or without splurges or expenses..

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Winter Wedding from BHLDN

This wedding gown from BHLDN is truly amazing. If I was to be married this winter this would be my dress..
I love the etheral feel and the slight scatter of glitter. I always cheer when an Edwardian vibe is in vogue.

Though I will use my grand parents' wedding day for my own wedding {June 25th} I prefer the look and style of the weddings set during the Fall and Winter. They always remind me of elves dancing in the woods of the Snow Queen {references to two of my favourite HC Andersen fairy tales} and the feel is always more intimate. Close in to keep the cold away, sort of..

The styling of these gowns are equally amazing, as with basically all BHLDN productions. I adore the blueish tones and the falling snow.
Add deep red lips and nails, and a bouquet of anemones and baby's breath and I would be set.

For hair, I would choose a gently tucked up-do, not too prim  {possible like a 'Gibson Tuck'} and with either a gilded halo or a white fox hat Elizabeth Taylor-style.

The shoes would be either glass slippers or rococo brocade heels. The perfect mix of Marie Antoinette and The Snow Queen.

{Images from BHLDN}


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