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Monday, 30 April 2012

{Monthly Favourites} April 2012

Monthly Favourites April 2012

Hi lovelies.. This is going to be like an old recording machine gone broken because yet again I feel like this month rushed by and not really saying 'hi' or anything. Crazy fast, really.

However, state of the affairs are well. Posting my synopsis for one of my exam projects today and attending a guest lecture by Prof. Juliet John in my Charles Dickens-course in which my exam topic has also been accepted, so all in all, just crazy work schedule with exams, teachings, family gatherings, and trying to pick up a moment or two to catch my breath.
I am also in the bud of deciding on my master's thesis topic so I can apply for a mentor medio May. So weird that I am writing my final piece (hopefully!) this fall! Then no more school but just the real world. Scary, but also terribly exciting.

Anyways, if we get back to the main reason of today, the fashion, I. WANT. ALL.
I am not even sure whether I can pick one favourite over them all which I am usually able to. Now that I look at the pieces together, it seems like I have quite an eclectic style. With bits of street, bits of glamour, bits of vintage, bits of quirky, bits of rock.
Sadly though, none of this is in my actual closet, but if I had the money, I think the first piece I would buy is the Chloé bell sleeve dress because it is so versatile. The last would probably be the Miu Miu iPhone case since I don't actually own an iPhone, so purchasing a case would probably be a tad silly of me, no?

Oh well, one can dream while treading around Aarhus in my blue Converse and shift dresses. And that's is certainly not too bad either.

Cheers for now, and see you in May!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Inspired by Ophelia

Despite her tragedy, I have always felt a strong connection with Ophelia and have many times pondered on whether she would survive in our society or is forever a doomed being regardless of times and eras. That aside, I feel we should celebrate one of the most interesting characters from the bard's hand and also a small patriotic salute to a 'fellow Dane'.
Here is some of the images from my tumblr which I feel has the Ophelia-feel to them.

How to make a flower wreath
The Danish Crown Regalias

Ophelia Syndrome

A long-term disease, most common among young women.
Symptoms: depression, bouts of mania, suicidal thoughts, slight insomnia, feelings of helplessness and dependence on others, the tendency to lose oneself in vivid daydreams, an intense longing for people and things one can never have, a strong sense of aestheticism and an appreciation for the beauty in little things, the urge to decorate everything with daisy chains.
Valentino, Haute Couture, Fall 2011
 Audrey Kawasaki

{all images from my tumblr}
{the last is by artist Audrey Kawasaki}

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Happy Birthday, Charlotte Brontë

Just a small salute to the author of Jane Eyre.

I still wonder how it came to be that in the middle of nowhere in Yorkshire, three young girls were able to write at least two of the most beloved and haunting novels of all time.
Personally, I did not start off liking the Brontës at all - too much feeling and agony! But lately I have come to understand what they were trying to show. The much wider scope of feeling than Jane Austen would ever allow explicitly told, and somehow without the moral judgement of the same. My memories of the novels are better than my direct experiences with them. Nostalgia, or succombing to peer pressure?

Anyways, the artwork and the interpretations of Jane Eyre still show some of the most beautiful images I have seen.
Please enjoy,

Pinned Image
Pinned Image
{Candice Lesage} {her blog is here}
Pinned Image
{from my Pinterest}

Friday, 20 April 2012

Decor Inspiration: Elegant Bedroom

I like my bedroom. It is rather big and light, and I have the morning sun through my windows to wake and cheer me up.
However, I am flirting with the idea of painting my walls (they are just plain white at the moment) but I cannot decide. The problem is that in the evening and in the Fall and Winter, it does not appear to be big and light! So I don't want to go too dark and feel claustrophobic as a result. And I have the same issue with my living room...

So that's an ongoing struggle with me and myself. Nevertheless, I really adore this look of a bedroom with the elegant touch of the mauve and greyish purple. The owner wanted it to get a hotel room feeling.
I don't know about that since I mostly travel 'low class' and spend my money on shopping and food {hotels' Afternoon Teas mostly!} instead of hotel rooms. But I like the coherence and the calming elegance of this colour scheme. I wonder whether this would be too dark for my room but since I have a white-ish bed it might actually work.

I like the small tableau with porcelain and flowers on top of the custom build radiator cover as well as the Maskros IKEA-lamp which is very popular here in Denmark. I have seen it everywhere, from offices to private homes to drycleaners to everywhere... But I like it. Naturally, since maskros means dandelion!

The painting is by Jeanette Houvenaegel.

{my scans from Bolig Magasinet March 2012}
{Photos by Thomas Dahl}

Sunday, 15 April 2012

{Sonnet Sunday: Shakespeare XIII}

It has been quite a while since the last Sonnet Sunday, but I have recieved a some good news about my exam project, so I felt like a little celebration. And Shakespeare is the man to go to...

The small picture in my collage is of a painting by Kathrine Ærtebjerg who I have posted about here.

{my moleskine scan}

Saturday, 14 April 2012

{Hair inspiration: braids with flowers}

Beautiful and etheral hair styles. There is something tragic over these frail flowers twisted and turned into a rope of hair, and yet I find it heightens their beauty.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

{Happy Easter}

Usually, I do not spend Easter because it alters into a recap-vacation in the vancancy of classes. I visit my Mom and my grandparents for nice lunches, but is the decorating and egg hunting thing, I always skip. That was a thing of my childhood experiences; blowing eggs and painting them with water colours.
But I must say that all of the sweet whimsical pictures of different ways to dye eggs and decorate with them over at Pinterest got me wishing I had time to try it. Alas, this year it is not to be, but I will show you guys some of the sweetest pictures in case you are in want of last-minute inspiration.

Happy Easter!

{all images via my Pinterest}

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Denim Accents

This spread is from an old Danish fashion magazine, Costume. Well, 'old' is probably rather big, however, in fashion life, 2005 is almost a million years ago. Nevertheless, I enjoy looking through my old magazines and either discover stuff I would hate to admit that I wore, or things that are surpricingly stylish yet or on the verge of becoming again. (Have you seen the scarf-hem skirts and dresses popping up? So 90s!!!!)

I fell for this spread's etheral look paired with the denim, and I think you could easily pull these looks off today without both eyebrows raised at you. Perhaps this is because of the denim. So wardrobe essential amd classic that almost anything with this fabric goes.
I used to not be a denim-loving girl, however, since I have lost some weight (much needed!) I have rekindled my relationship with it, and have discovered the love for straight jeans. My biggest problem though is the gap between my back and the denim. I always have to take in an inch after a while, but I cannot buy a smaller size due to my thighs. Anyone familiar with this hazzle? So I am not yet ready to spend big bucks on jeans until I have discovered a brand or style that can avoid this (or at least minimize drastically).

Have you any personal favourite pairing with denim? Need to dress it up with sparkles? Plain tees? Blazers?
What do you think of these suggestions?

Blue Bird in Costume no. 36 April 2005
Photographer: Jimmy Hansen/Portfolio
Stylist: Rikke Christensen
Model: Kenza/Elite Stockholm
Makeup&Hair: Anna Karin Sjöberg/Portfolio
Photo.Ass.: Mai Nordahl
Stylist Ass.: Maiken Winther

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Monthly Favourites - March

Monthly Favourites March 2012

Oh my, time passes quickly these days. Rushing from one place to another, reading several books and texts on my exam topics, and not quite seeming to take it in. Luckily, now it is Easter, and I can catch up on some of the things that went behind. Just like this little blog. It is still my favourite hide-away from the dreary everyday world, and what could possibly be better than all these new beauties I have to show you?
I actually think, I have found the perfect red high heels! And I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a pair without irritating details or too low heel. But these could be the ones. The only concern I have is the colour. Whether it is slightly too salmon and not just red. What do you think?
Other than that, it just want to let Victoria Beckham know that I would very much like to switch closet with her (naturally in my imagination this involves a full army of fairies who can make all the garments into my size!). I am sure she could find one or two things she might like in MY closet, so she should just drop by really...
Ah well, one can dream right? But I do, especially about the dress and her bag. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!
Oh well, all for now. She you soon. Happy Easter Bunny kisses to you all!


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