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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Denim Accents

This spread is from an old Danish fashion magazine, Costume. Well, 'old' is probably rather big, however, in fashion life, 2005 is almost a million years ago. Nevertheless, I enjoy looking through my old magazines and either discover stuff I would hate to admit that I wore, or things that are surpricingly stylish yet or on the verge of becoming again. (Have you seen the scarf-hem skirts and dresses popping up? So 90s!!!!)

I fell for this spread's etheral look paired with the denim, and I think you could easily pull these looks off today without both eyebrows raised at you. Perhaps this is because of the denim. So wardrobe essential amd classic that almost anything with this fabric goes.
I used to not be a denim-loving girl, however, since I have lost some weight (much needed!) I have rekindled my relationship with it, and have discovered the love for straight jeans. My biggest problem though is the gap between my back and the denim. I always have to take in an inch after a while, but I cannot buy a smaller size due to my thighs. Anyone familiar with this hazzle? So I am not yet ready to spend big bucks on jeans until I have discovered a brand or style that can avoid this (or at least minimize drastically).

Have you any personal favourite pairing with denim? Need to dress it up with sparkles? Plain tees? Blazers?
What do you think of these suggestions?

Blue Bird in Costume no. 36 April 2005
Photographer: Jimmy Hansen/Portfolio
Stylist: Rikke Christensen
Model: Kenza/Elite Stockholm
Makeup&Hair: Anna Karin Sjöberg/Portfolio
Photo.Ass.: Mai Nordahl
Stylist Ass.: Maiken Winther

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