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Monday, 30 May 2011

Easy Going..

... due to exams! So posts may be quite irregular this fortnight but I'll try to pop in and say "I'm still alive" once in a while.
So don't fret, I'm not planning to stop this little blog - just have to put my efforts on my degree for now. But on June 17th at 12 am, I have oficially begun my summer holiday! Just can't wait!

Take care and good luck with exams, projects, businesses and what else you guys are doing..

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Friday, 27 May 2011

Weekly Favourites week 21

Sorry for the sad state the Weekly Faves are in but I has some problems getting my clipped items to show up. Have any of you had similar problems? Anyways, a very minimalistic design this week but goodies as always.
Have a lovely weekend..

Dresses Week 21, 2011

Sep. & Acc. Week 21, 2011

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Just read the novella by Capote yesterday, so naturally, you guys are in for some screen and promo shots from the movie.. I do think there's a natural law proving this - maybe Newton had something to say on this!
Anyhow, I have never come across someone who didn't like this movie. As I read the novella, I was pleasantly surprised that I was actually able to leave out most of the images of Audrey Hepburn or at least merge her appearance into the novella's descriptions of Holly and the setting; the novella's setting is during the war for those of you who may not know.. I highly recommend reading it.
SPOILER: it does not have the Hollywood happy ending but I do think it is a happy ending and very appropriate to Ms Holiday Golightly.. I like that her name matches the sign on her mailbox, "Traveling". Such a cute detail.

Off course, the fashion could feature multiple entries on this blog because it is amazing. My favourite look though, is probably the least Holly Golightly-look, the pink bubble dress she wears on her date with the Brazillian and when she recieves the news of her brother's death.
It's pink and there's glitter, and it suits my own figure better then those narrow black dresses..
I always tend to look at fashion that way - would I pull it off or not?

I never thought that much about the decor of Holly's apartment except that it was different from Fred's (in the novella he is nameless and we only know him by Holly's nick name for him) designed by his 'patroness' (let's call it that).
But now searching for images, I discover her couch being a bath tub! How awesome is that!? I love it! Now I need to get two of those with the golden lion feet, one for the bathroom and one to transform into a couch.. (with pink pillows off course!)

There you go.. Okay, you might be in store for an 'Inspired by...' post dedicated to Holly soon. I'm still mushing over that one.
But it will include a cat!

Have a great mid-week.. (a slightly bad pun on the German word for Wednesday, Mittwoch)

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pretty Balloons & Paris

Feel like celebrating a little bit since I have just finished a paper that was driving me mad! It feels soooo good being done with it.
And now I can allow myself to dream a bit more seriously about one day moving to Paris.. this dream coming true is so much closer now.
So here's some pretty balloons and a little bit of Paris too..

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Friday, 20 May 2011

Weekly Favourites week 20

Hi guys, happy Friday and here in denmark its a national holiday called Stor Bededag which means Great Prayer Day. This was created after the Reformation in order to gather all of the saints' holidays in one day only in stead of many. So we have a day longer weekend which is always nice, and the sun is shining so what more can you ask for? Well, possibly no papers or exams but I doubt the educational system would agree..

Anyways, here's my favourites from this week. Lots of goodies out there! What do you think?
Weekly favourites, Week 20 2011

I must say that I am particularly fond of the Stella McCartney dress and the new 'Taylor' Mulberry bag.
I like how all the items work together. Add a pair of jeans and a sweater and you have a whole wardrobe! Love.

Since I only have one set this week (it all worked so well together I had to put them in one!) I will share a little photos from this and that from the past week. I have tried two of the nail polishes that I bought and they look marvelous! and bought some pretty pretty pastel lilacs on the farmers market.. Fresh flowers really cheer me up when I'm down, and I did feel a little blue this week. I guess the stress of exams and class registration are taking it's hit on me right now. Therefore, the more need of surrounding yourself with pretty things and take a deep breath of sunshine and baby's laughter.. And hey, not even a month untill my summer holiday!!! Score!

 When I find a little time out from papers, I'm reading Søren Kierkegaard's 'Either-Or'.. Almost finished..
The nail polish is 'Lavender Love' from GOSH and I kid you not: ONE coat and I couldn't see a single chip in a week! I only took it off 'cause I started to feel bored with the colour. I like to change once or twice a week but I was so impressed with this that I wanted to see how long it lasted. But apparently longer than my patience! :)

The 'Yellow Bombay' from GOSH. Three coats and only slightly visible nail line. It seems slightly darker than Chanel's Mimosa (as far as I could see in the shops) and GOSH's has more apparent glitter and shimmer than Chanel's. However, a very fine substitute given the fact that this only cost a third of Chanel's prize! Actually, I don't know whether its a sub since it was in GOSH's F/W line BEFORE Chanel released Mimosa..

There you go, a little this and that from my little ivory tower..
Have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bibliophilic Café

Hidden away in the basement of a bookstore is the most perfect little gem of a café.
The walls are covered with antique and second hand books that you are free to read in and can purchase at the bookstore's counter when you leave. The atmospheare is low key and the best part? They serve the best coffee in town - period! 
Its part of Sigfreds Kaffebar (Sigfred's coffee bar) on Strøget and they have been voted the best coffee bar the past three or four years.
Now don't expect to have a choice whether its skimmed, low fat or whatever because they don't do that! That's not coffee! (I watched one ask one day to get her latte on low fat milk and the glare she recieved from the barista was epic! I still giggle..)

Personally, I order the cappucino or the café au lait but the hot chocolate in winter is also made on real chocolate, and the sandwiches are so yummy.. The prizes are at the higher end in Aarhus but I really don't mind because you know that the people behind the counter know their stuff and you can actually taste the coffee. Even in a large latte which I find to be a rare experience. 
If you are more intriged by the noble art of barista-ing (what's it called?) or tea brewing you can join one of their barista get-to-know-your-espresso-machine courses. And if I ever get to splurge on such a machine it will be at Sigfred's that I will buy it - yes, they sell machines, coffee beans, tea and what-nots too..

Sigfreds Kaffebar at Vangsgaards Boghandel
Ryesgade 3
8000 Aarhus C.
Open most days from 10-17:30

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fashion Fix: Chanel Fall Nail Polishes

Just saw these on Fashionista's homepage, and my my my, they look gorgeous - AGAIN!!!
How is it possible to trigger my lust for these things so easily?
So the question is, which one are you going to chick-fight for? I think, I'm going for the bottom one called 'Peridot'. It looks like a very nice gold with a little green in it.. Oh well, I did save money on buying that GOSH nail polish that looks so like this summer's Chanel Mimosa, so perhaps its okay to buy Peridot when it gets to Denmark some time in November/December. Just in time for Christmas!

Monday, 16 May 2011

"Let them eat..... Diamonds"

Some weeks ago, I discovered this beautiful jewelry campaign inspired by Marie Antoinette (perhaps more the movie by Sofia Coppola than the authentic queen but who cares!?). Stunning dresses and settings and I just had to share it..

Title: Jewelled hors d'oeuvres ZOYA
Photography: Suresh Natarajan
Styling: Gautam Kalra
Food Stylling. Indranie Dasgupta
Model: Mariana (agency not mentioned)
Location: ZOYA Diamond Jewelry Boutique, Delhi
Discovered via

Friday, 13 May 2011

Weekly Favourites week 19

First of all, Yay! Denmark is in the final!
If you don't know in what or why please check out my previous post.. Oh, and Ireland's song is written by two Danes so its okay to cheer for them too, even though Jedward is positively mental! I heard they'd been in British X-Factor, so some of you may know them. But energy takes on a whole new meaning! 

Anyways, its time for our Weekly Faves and I must say I thought it was a slow week.. Usually, I have tons of dresses to show but this week I have four! That seems strangely few for me, I know. Perhaps my beginning flu is a factor here (I so hope it wont settle - I have way to much to do with exams and papers to get sick now!) and maybe I should have added tissues and warm socks.. However, what fun would that be for you guys!? So now I'll post these and then take the rest of the evening off and maybe tomorrow as well and see if that kills the bug in me - hopefully! I hate writing papers and trying to be intelligent with fever and a throat aching. My mind just don't function with illness.. Not that its on slow, its completely shot down! Oh well, warm tea with honey (and maybe adding a little stronger just for extra pity and nursing), sleep and a book should do the trick.

So without further ado - this week's favourites of mine.. Enjoy!
Dresses Week 19, 2011

sep & acc week 19, 2011

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Eurovision Song Contest - My faves!

I have actually ditched it these past years because I thought the songs were insanely bad and it all was about skinny girls taking more and more clothes off during the song! That may appeal to some but not me.. However, there are some seriously great songs this year and two of them have already been stuck in my head! That's usually a good sign, right? Nevertheless, I didn't even know that I knew the Danish contribution due to my past avoidance of ESC and was quite surprised to know that I like it.. :) But there you go!

However, my absolute favourite is Serbia's! Love everything about it; the melody, the lyrics (even though I don't understand a thing! However, here's an English version too), the style of both the music and the girls - 60s retro!!!! and it's so great for a summer party!
It's so catchy!!!! Love it!

My second favourite this year is Switzerland's song. Its so Colby Caillat and I can definately imagine this being played alot this summer while eating strawbeeries with cream and drinking iced tea. Such a feel-good song. And I really like that the musicians look so happy!

Off course, I cannot NOT post Denmark's contribution to the Eurovisions.. Rumor has it that its one of the favourites, so we are quite excited here in Denmark! Its one of the most aired songs at the moment here, and this year, I'm not hiding my enthusiasm for 'our' song.
Hope you'll like it too..

The jokester this year, is last year's winner Lena who is also Germany's contribution this year but with a completly different kind of song than 'Satelites'.. daring, but its growing on me, I must say. Also quite catchy refrain and I adore her accent.

So there you go! Be sure to tune in this Thursday for the second semi-final (where Denmark is!!!) and Saturday for the final..
To listen to the rest of the songs, including those that didn't make it in the first semi-final go here..

Monday, 9 May 2011

Summer Nails to Come

Yeah, I seem to have broken my New Year's resolution a bit this month.. Too many pretty nail polishes and many on sale! Not fair!!
I'm already looking forward to wearing them. I think they are beautiful and one for every occasion.
And there's glitter and shimmer - what's not to love?
The real gem for me is this one from Danish brand GOSH. Its called 'Yellow Bombay' and I think it looks a teeny tiny bit like the new Chanel 'Mimosa'!!! It's a bright sunny yellow with loads of gold and coloured shimmer and silver 'flicks'.. Think it will be amazing on a sunny day. This photo really don't do it justice so I'll promise to post when I try it on.
The next one is also from GOSH and actually, its more purple than the photo shows. Its called 'Lavender Love' and is part of a special edition; the others in the collection are a soft pink, an old rose, and a beige/nude colour.
The new Rimmel 'Peppermint' (looks quite a lot like Essie's 'Mint candy-something' - sorry, I'm terrible at theese names!) and GOSH' 'Green Hawaii'. The last one is also the shade I bought for my Mum on Mother's Day yesterday. She loved it! And I do too..
GOSH 'Amber'.. Looks amazing but perhaps a bit more fall-look than summer. However, I really like amber in general and I bet it will be the it-colour for me later on..
This works like Dior's 'Rock Coat'; a dark-sheer (what would you call the effect?!) polish with tons of silver flicks.. I have already tried it and I really love it. Hey, it's glitter - what can I do?
A beautiful beautiful nail polish from GOSH called 'Rainbow' and it looks like the love-child between a rainbow and a mother-of-pearl! Not too eyecatching at first but when you first notice it you're hooked! Love love love!!!
[Edit: I have lately discovered that this type of polish is called a 'flackie']
The last one is from a brand I have never heard of before; Technic Glitter Nails (or the other way around, I don't know). It works like Dior's Rock Coat as well but with loads of turqoise and blue glitter in it. I've tried it over the pink polish I'm wearing on the photos above (without the purple glitter. That's a sheer with glitter-one on top) and it turned out quite nice. I'm thinking this would go well with 'Lavender Love' or 'Peppermint'.
All my new investments!! Prettiness overload..

I'm so looking forward trying them all on.. What are your latest presents for yourself?
PS. I'm wearing (pink) Lancôme's no. 351 (sorry, not all brands name their products in Denmark for some odd reason) and (purple glitter) Dura Gloss no. 255 (I've had since like forever, so have no idea whether its made at all anymore or where to buy it!)


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