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Monday, 9 May 2011

Summer Nails to Come

Yeah, I seem to have broken my New Year's resolution a bit this month.. Too many pretty nail polishes and many on sale! Not fair!!
I'm already looking forward to wearing them. I think they are beautiful and one for every occasion.
And there's glitter and shimmer - what's not to love?
The real gem for me is this one from Danish brand GOSH. Its called 'Yellow Bombay' and I think it looks a teeny tiny bit like the new Chanel 'Mimosa'!!! It's a bright sunny yellow with loads of gold and coloured shimmer and silver 'flicks'.. Think it will be amazing on a sunny day. This photo really don't do it justice so I'll promise to post when I try it on.
The next one is also from GOSH and actually, its more purple than the photo shows. Its called 'Lavender Love' and is part of a special edition; the others in the collection are a soft pink, an old rose, and a beige/nude colour.
The new Rimmel 'Peppermint' (looks quite a lot like Essie's 'Mint candy-something' - sorry, I'm terrible at theese names!) and GOSH' 'Green Hawaii'. The last one is also the shade I bought for my Mum on Mother's Day yesterday. She loved it! And I do too..
GOSH 'Amber'.. Looks amazing but perhaps a bit more fall-look than summer. However, I really like amber in general and I bet it will be the it-colour for me later on..
This works like Dior's 'Rock Coat'; a dark-sheer (what would you call the effect?!) polish with tons of silver flicks.. I have already tried it and I really love it. Hey, it's glitter - what can I do?
A beautiful beautiful nail polish from GOSH called 'Rainbow' and it looks like the love-child between a rainbow and a mother-of-pearl! Not too eyecatching at first but when you first notice it you're hooked! Love love love!!!
[Edit: I have lately discovered that this type of polish is called a 'flackie']
The last one is from a brand I have never heard of before; Technic Glitter Nails (or the other way around, I don't know). It works like Dior's Rock Coat as well but with loads of turqoise and blue glitter in it. I've tried it over the pink polish I'm wearing on the photos above (without the purple glitter. That's a sheer with glitter-one on top) and it turned out quite nice. I'm thinking this would go well with 'Lavender Love' or 'Peppermint'.
All my new investments!! Prettiness overload..

I'm so looking forward trying them all on.. What are your latest presents for yourself?
PS. I'm wearing (pink) Lancôme's no. 351 (sorry, not all brands name their products in Denmark for some odd reason) and (purple glitter) Dura Gloss no. 255 (I've had since like forever, so have no idea whether its made at all anymore or where to buy it!)


Fydez said...

Beautiful colors. So summery and I adore them. Your nails right now are so lovely. XX

Jess said...

I love the yellow GOSH one!

Miss Walker said...

Just found your blog, love it, now following! I am giving away a copy of Decorate from Holly Becker at Decor8 at the moment, come and be in it to win it here! Miss Walker xoxo


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