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Friday, 13 May 2011

Weekly Favourites week 19

First of all, Yay! Denmark is in the final!
If you don't know in what or why please check out my previous post.. Oh, and Ireland's song is written by two Danes so its okay to cheer for them too, even though Jedward is positively mental! I heard they'd been in British X-Factor, so some of you may know them. But energy takes on a whole new meaning! 

Anyways, its time for our Weekly Faves and I must say I thought it was a slow week.. Usually, I have tons of dresses to show but this week I have four! That seems strangely few for me, I know. Perhaps my beginning flu is a factor here (I so hope it wont settle - I have way to much to do with exams and papers to get sick now!) and maybe I should have added tissues and warm socks.. However, what fun would that be for you guys!? So now I'll post these and then take the rest of the evening off and maybe tomorrow as well and see if that kills the bug in me - hopefully! I hate writing papers and trying to be intelligent with fever and a throat aching. My mind just don't function with illness.. Not that its on slow, its completely shot down! Oh well, warm tea with honey (and maybe adding a little stronger just for extra pity and nursing), sleep and a book should do the trick.

So without further ado - this week's favourites of mine.. Enjoy!
Dresses Week 19, 2011

sep & acc week 19, 2011


Anonymous said...

That gold dress reminds me of one I made for a dance long ago. Lovely collections.

The Dandelion Chronicles said...

Thank you so much..

And wow, that must have been a very stylish dance! :)

Fydez said...

Beautiful set. The dresses are stunning, especially the pink one. The bow is adorable. XX


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