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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

{Monthly Favourites} October 2012

Monthly Favourites, October 2012

Haider Ackermann pleated dress 14.850 DKr/ RED Valentino polka dot party dress 3790 DKr / 3.1 Philip Lim Sweater 2590 DKr/ Duro Olowu brocade coat, $4,580 / DAY Birger et Mikkelsen sequin jacket  3155 DKr/ Gucci straight leg jeans, $2,395 / By Malene Birger floral pants 2160 DKr/ Acne boots 3245 DKr/ Hervé Van Der Straeten 24k jewelry 11.855 DKr/ Jennifer Meyer Jewelr earrings 15825 DKr / Kenneth Jay Lane chain necklace 3425 DKr/ Cada , $2,865 / Necklace, $2,080 / Marc by Marc Jacobs marc jacobs jewelry, $185 / Eugenia Kim headband 1380 DKr  / Fendi FUR TRIMMED BOXCALF BUTTON BOOTS, $1,505 / Browns fashion & designer clothes & clothing | VINTAGE HERMES |...

Hi guys... Once again the end of a month is upon us (How is it possible already!?) and I have my favourites from the past month's new arrivals. And what a glorious month October has been for that! I mean, look at those Fendi boots... Insane! And even though Hell would have to freeze over for me to pay €1600 for jeans, those Gucci ones with embroidery are quite spectacular.
I am definetely feeling in the mood for some sparkles to brighten up November. I have always hated that month - too dark, too cold, too boring... However, in this coat by Duro Olowu, I would be able to make the best of it until December.

So, does anything strike your fancy?


Hejsa.. Så er vi endnu engang ved vejs ende af en måned (hvor blev den lige af!?) og jeg har som altid mine favoritter fra de nye varer i netbutikkerne klar. Og sikke en fantastisk måned oktober har været! Seriøst! Tjek lige de Fendi-støvler.. de er alt for vilde. Og selvom der skulle falde sne i Helvede førend jeg vil betale så mange penge for jeans, så er de der Gucci med broderi altså ret fantastiske.
Jeg er virkelig i humør til glimmer og glitter for at kunne lyse den mørke november op. Det er min hade-måned nummer 1, alt for mørk, kold og kedelig. Selvom jeg måske ville kunne klare den ganske pænt i frakken fra Duro Olowu og vente på december.

Er der noget, som også fænger jer?

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

To my dear Danish readers...

Just a small question to my Danish readers, so don't worry international ones!
Kunne I tænke jer, at jeg både skrev på engelsk og dansk? Jeg kan nemlig se på min statistik, at der er en del af jer, og jeg vil jo helst at alle får en god oplevelse her på min blog. Dog ville jeg ikke oversætte Shakespeare sonnetterne, men alt det andet måske?
Nogen, som har en preferance for dette?

Sunday, 28 October 2012

{Sonnet Sunday} Shakespeare XVIII

{my Moleskine}
The most famous sonnet by Shakespeare of them all. I am not sure whether I think it is the best though. However, it is pretty neat and as the hopeless romantic that I am, I would die if someone would write that to me... Not that it is anything close to that ever happening, ha!
From time to time, I try to memorize this so I can recite it by heart whenever I feel like the world needs a little grandeur literary life. Not to anyone but just to myself whenever I feel the world to be too brutal and in need of some grace. One could perhaps call it my First Aid kit to literature in the everyday life.
Do you have a quote, poem, or something you cherish or memorize whenever you feel the world to be too much?

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

{Fashion Fix} Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

The sneakpeaks from the lookbook are fast making their rounds on various fashion sites, and I will admit I was at first baffled by the news of this upcoming collaboration. To me it was probably the least likely scenario in fashion collaborations ever!
And yet, here I am thinking - this is awesome! Brave, sophisticated, minimalistic, edgy, and smart. Granted, some styles are definetely not my 'cup of tea' but I really applaud both MMM and H&M for coming up with a collection embodying the best of both worlds, and I really love that a much less commercially known brand will be featured in this way. I was excited about how the avantgarde style of MMM would be created for the mass market.
Surpricingly, I really like a lot of the styles.. Usually, MMM is not really my thing but perhaps because the avantgarde is toned down and become more 'wearable' it gets me? Nevertheless, who cares what I think? Let's see some of the pictures... Here's my favourites (about half of the collection) from the upcoming Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collaboration. It is expected to hit certain stores and November 15th.
 I really like this bag and a nice oversized sweater in navy will always have my name on it..
 Probably not a dress or set (I cannot tell exactly which it is) I will buy but the shoes!!!!
 I like this oversized blazer/coat.. This will be something I hope to get a chance to see up close.
 Again, probably not one of the things I would buy but I really like it nevertheless. Also the boots and the necklace are quite gorgeous.
 I do hope that's a necklace!!! And if only this sweater dress was shorter...
 Interesting take on the classic white shirt. Excited to see this up close..
 Beautiful jacket; classic and modern at the same time.
Be still my beating heart! This is beyond perfection.. Wuaw!
So, any cravings already or are you saying 'pass' on this colab??
(images via

Friday, 12 October 2012

Vintage Illustrations & Animals

Finally Friday! Happy days ahead... Family gathering for my siblings' birthdays on Sunday (they are not twins though) and a bit of relaxing before yet another busy week. I am slowly but steady getting into my mind framework about my thesis, and I feel ready to start a bit of actual writing next week. So happy days indeed!
But today, I will show some of the various scans I have from old magazines and new magazines. Long before I knew the term I have been a scrapbooker - or at least tearing out the things from magazines I liked or which inspired me. Usually, I kept them in plastic envelopes divided by themes - vintage, haute couture, interior, wish list, etc. etc. As I have mentioned here on the blog before, due to a slight try of being more efficient in digging these images out I will post these scans here, so you guys can enjoy them as well.
Naturally though, I may not be able to remember from where precisely these images came from but I will try to credit properly to the best of my ability.
I adore old illustrations. Simple as that. And I adore Kay Bojesen's mid-century wood animals.
And I love that both of these things seem to have a sort of revival. On various sites, I see many illustrators' works (just think about Taschen's now 4 volumes about Now Illustration!) and Danish Modern architecture and interior design are still going strong - perhaps stronger than ever these years. Therefore, a little collection of both for you guys to enjoy...
 The Bunny, the Hippo with pencil (I recieved this from my sister and her husband for my birthday!), and the Bella the Dashhound which was the first animal that Bojesen created in 1934.
 Perhaps the most iconic, also the one which has been in production the longest, the Monkey from 1951.
 The Elephant from 1953.
Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

{Decor inspiration} Art Rustic

Welcome October! The leaves are already mastering their Bird Phoenix moment and changing rapidly from lush green to orange and red. I love it! Nevertheless, today's post is about interior decorating, something that we especially love here in Scandinavia. Some attribute this to our traditional way of living by inviting people to our homes rather than meeting out. Therefore our homes have to accommodate both the practical everyday life as well as being the setting of both intimate and elaborate dinner parties.
This spread is from an old issue of Danish women's magazine, Alt for Damerne. We visit jeweler, Orit Samuelsen and her lovely home, and I really like the rustic elements she has incorporated into a feminine and elegant universe. I like these clashes which helps to highlight each other. In addition, I really like her bold choices in art..
 The two black paintings in the background are by Claus Egemose.
 Painting by Maria Marstrand.
 The large ring by Claus Melchior, the square ring by Orit Samuelsen.
 Wegner chairs, drawings by Maria Marstrand, and painting from a Parisian flee market.
 Art photo from a gallery in Cannes, France.
Drawing by Maria Marstrand and Prada bag.
Home: Orit Samuelsen, jeweler
Alt for Damerne, 11/2011
Stylist: Louise Kamman Riising
Photography: Pernille Kaa-Lund
{my scans}


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