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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

{Monthly Favourites} April 2013

Monthly Favourites April 2013

Matthew Williamson dress, 11.915 DKK / Victoria Beckham dress, 12.325 DKK / Vionnet silk dress, 10.885 DKK / Etro silk top, 4.265 DKK / Rick Owens , 12.040 DKK / Acne tuxedo waistcoat, 3.795 DKK / Acne / Joseph pants, 1.525 DKK / L'Wren Scott striped pencil skirt, 7.675 DKK / Bionda Castana white and black shoes / Oversized handbag, 370 DKK

And BAM! another Monthly Favourites has been released.. The exitement and overreaction due to me having some issues with my Internet connection today which vexed me and was very irritating. But now all is in perfect order. Let's hope it stays that way..

Here in Denmark we have had Spring visit us for a couple of days this April, however this month was also the coldest April in 25 years according to the ones who know about this stuff. Uff! So I haven't quite let go of my winter coat yet but at least I can wear high heels around town. That just makes it so much easier for me to dress. I am not a flats or boots kinda girl, mostly because my calves are huge! I cannot even fit the Hunter wellies with extra room! So I am always on the look for nice wellies (any ideas?)

But this month I am very smitten with the Rick Owens leather jecket, so cool and classy at the same time. And that bag from Ruche! Is it just a tad TOO CLOSE to the icon or is it okay? I am alwyas a bit weary when these things happen. Of course I haven't seen it in real life, but I guess there's some significant change in craftmanship and detail. However for that ridiculously low price I consider actually buying it and find out.
Oh, and that vest from Swedish ACNE is just way to cool for school....
...which I DO NOT EVER HAVE TO ATTEND AGAIN BECAUSE I HAVE PASSED MY DISSERTATION!!!!!! Yes, I am just waiting for the official grading but I have recieved my attest that it is passed. So relieved...

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Frida Kahlo's Style

Like so many others, I adore the paintings of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. I still remember the first encounter with one of her works: it was in my Danish class (yes, actually..) and we were presented with various paintings to analyse like we did short stories and novels. 

The Broken Column - Frida Kahlo -
It was this The broken Column from 1944 and it was so striking to me. I had never seen a self portrait like this before. All I knew was the beautifying and glamourising portraits or the royal portraits. But this!? Exposing one's vulnerability and pain in a serious painting was something which blew me away. It also had a closer resonance to me as I have always suffered from spinal pains and I could very well imagine how it must feel to have your spine shattering to pieces.

And now following the will of her husband Diego Rivera, her locked up closets have been opened and many of her items are curated into an exhibition in her house in Mexico. Alas, I am probably not able to see it before it closes later in the year but examples of her most significant and iconic attributes are featured through Vogue Mexico online; her dresses.

When ever we think Frida Kahlo, we automatically have her colourful dresses and head pieces in mind. I have for long wanted to draw a paper doll of her so these dresses will be my first go to material and then her paintings and photographs of her.
If you follow the link at the bottom you can see a higher resolution of her wonderful wardrobe.
El estilo de un mito
El estilo de un mito
El estilo de un mito
El estilo de un mito
El estilo de un mito
El estilo de un mito
El estilo de un mito
El estilo de un mito
El estilo de un mito
El estilo de un mito

Thursday, 18 April 2013


I am getting a hair cut on Saturday so I am compiling a little inspiration for how I would like my hair do to turn out. But it probably goes like it always does which in my case is like this: 
'Just 2 cm, please'
CHOP CHOP CHOP! [suddenly 7-10 cm off]
'Okay, looks great, thanks'
10 mins later: 'I miss my hair!!!!!'
Am I the only one in this here? I have never dared to say anything because what can be done when it has been cut too short except getting out of the salon and wait for it to grow back? That usually makes me avoid getting near any salon in six months time or more until my hair starts to have a mind of its own (which is now for me). I have tried prolonging my absense from the salons by using deep hair treatments and extra conditioning, but now it has reached its limit. So Saturday it is. Wish me lock (also I have a terrible sense of humour!)
{all images via my Coiffure Pinterest board}

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Anne of Green Gables

 Some of my favourite books are the Anne of Green Gables-books. They have comforted my many times when I was younger and I really think that these were the primary reason why I wanted to study literature and write myself. 
I still remember my first 'meeting' with them. I was working at the school library as the one who puts all the returned books into place, and somehow these illustrations on the covers caught my eye. They seemed so nice and friendly in a way and I decided to loan one home. Actually it was the fifth in the series because I thought that it had the prettiest cover! So much for suspense whether Anne and Gilbert would get together, ha! But from the first page I was hooked, and I have learned so much from Anne and her adventures through the years. Especially how amazing it is to have a lively imagination and how it can help you through tough times. I always feel like I am returning home after a long journey when reading the books. I honestly don't know how my life would have been without them, would I value literature and imagination as high as I do now? Somehow I doubt it. The words are a part of my being now and I have breathed my life into the pages.
And isn't that what great books do?

The Danish cover illustratioins are made by the Danish illustrator Ib Thaning, and they have ever since been some of my favourite covers.

Anne of Green Gables
 Anne of Avonlea
 Anne of the Island
Anne of Windy Poplars 
 Anne's House of Dreams
 Anne of Ingleside
 Anne - Rainbow Valley
Rilla of Ingleside

Saturday, 6 April 2013

I'm back! + Monthly Favourites March 2013

Monthly Favourites March 2013

T-Bags Los Angeles halter top dress, 1.680 DKK / Manoush print dress, 1.310 DKK / Erdem dress, 47.160 DKK / Manoush dress, 3.055 DKK / Erdem dress, 20.580 DKK / Roberto Cavalli lacey dress, 8.085 DKK / Versace cotton dress, 1.735 DKK / Erdem dress, 37.680 DKK / Giambattista Valli print dress, 11.465 DKK / Erdem dress, 40.490 DKK / MSGM printed blouse, 2.380 DKK / Anne Vest real leather jacket, 8.170 DKK / Dolce & Gabbana cotton skirt, 4.880 DKK / Ralph Lauren pants, 2.055 DKK / STELLA JEAN cotton skirt, 2.795 DKK / Matthew Williamson mini skirt, 9.450 DKK / Sophia Webster high heel sandal, 3.400 DKK / TUA by Braccialini zip bag, 845 DKK / Olympia Le-Tan olympia le tan, 9.105 DKK / CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA ‘Perfume’ Perspex Box Clutch Bag, 6.990 DKK

Wow, I have been utterly exhausted... I handed in my MA thesis on Tuesday after a bit of stress and drama over printing and uploading but I managed to meet the deadline. Wheew! So that's also why you guys didn't get the chance to see my Monthly Favourites from March but I was so tired and just needed a screen-break. However, now while waiting for my grade I plan on posting a bit more as well as starting drawing again. It's been ages since my last 'big' drawing which didn't resemble a doodle. Trying to my mojo back.
But first things first, my Monthly Favourites from March.

As already mentioned in onw of the posts I managed last month, I told you about my budding love for prints again and my total adoration of Erdem's collection. So naturally these things show through in my favourites. If I had the money, I would probably buy everything. So fresh and fun.  Also the sweet clutches as either a planner, a novel, or a perfume bottle... So cute. 
Some people may find all these prints to be a bit too much at one time but I kinda like that. You would definitely be noticed here in Denmark if you walked through town in that shirt and pants. Almost everyone wears black on grey on white on nude. (Boring!) I'm always resembling Frida Khalo amidst Wall Street business people, ha! 
Though I do have one fashion rule: If print fabric then clean shape and cut, and if one colour then you can have intricate shapes and drapes. Never both at the same time. 

And that will be it from me now. Now I will try to visit the many blogs I have utterly neglected the past six months and see what everyone has been up to. It's nice to be back..


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