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Thursday, 22 March 2012

My Everyday Beauty Essentials

Hi everyone. I hope you are not all miffed about my long absenses once in a while, but school does have a nasty habit of interfering with my life. We have a lot of reading in my Dickens class and I am starting up my final project in another class, so things do get a bit hectic and thus time runs fast. Sadly, I don't feel that inspired by the projects so they aren't something I would blog about.

Nevertheless, I thought I would share with you my favourites in beauty products. These are my everyday products more or less, and I thought that maybe you guys would like to know what a student in Denmark spends her student scholarship on - besides books, pens, and paper.

I am quite the beautyholic. I love beauty products, far better than shoes and dresses. My favourite products would be lipsticks and nail polish. However, I was actually a slow starter with makeup since I was in the local swimming club's elite class, and therefore it was a surprice finding days where my hair was dry! Naturally therefor, I couldn't be bothered with applying makeup and cleansing my face constantly.
So my everyday makeup routine didn't come into being until I was about 17, and high school took the place swimming had had prior.

However, I have always (or since I was 13-14 years old) used daycream and nightcream, and often also eyecream. Otherwise, I think my face would have dried off due to chlorid water and constant showering. But I feel bad if I skip it, and it can be counted on a single hand how many times I have skipped cleansing before going to bed. I hate waking up with makeup smudged out everywhere.

I also tend to use the daily skin care routine, and now also makeup routine, as a kind of meditation and self-appreaciation time. I feel more at ease and the best days are the days where you just know that you look great and don't really need to touch-up constantly.

But anyways, these are my current favourites:

*Tromborg Deluxe face cream (Danish organic brand) I am so glad to have found this one. I feel like a goddess everytime I apply this. And the smell is like heaven.. And even though I am not all-in-green, I do like my skincare to be without the most terrible stuff.

*Guerlain Météorite Perles de Nuit This was my Christmas present from my Mother. I adore the silver pearls and the gorgeous glow it gives. I am quite pale, so this shade is really amazing for my teint. Wish this was a regular colour and not just a LE. Love the packaging as well.

*Chanel Extracils mascara 12This particular is in brown. I really like the subtle look this gives. Perfect everyday eyes. But it is a constant back and forth between black and brown depending on the rest of the look.

*Yves Roche Luminelle Rouge Dragée lipstick no. 65. I buy from post-order companies like Yves Roche and Oriflame. Especially their lipsticks are quite amazing, and this tone is actually just a tiny shade darker than my natural lip colour, so it is perfect throughout the day.

*H&M Hello Kitty Darling Pink nail polish and Maybelline Blue Ceramics nail polish. I change my nail colours A LOT, but the first is one of my all-time favourites and the last one is a recent purchase which I adore in bottle and on nail.

*Bobby Brown blush in Peony. Normally, I wear pink blushes, and even though this looks rather bold, it gives me the porcelain doll teint without it being too 80s either. And the fact that it is called Peony is a treat in itself!

*Shisheido Lilac Irise eyeshadowI love lilac tones, and this, as well as Max Factor's Lush Lilac, is one of my daily wears. 

*Wood edt. This is from a Danish equivalent to a 1$ store, but it so amazing! I don't like the citrus scents or the too flower-y scents, so this is more subdued and more interesting. More masculine in a way. I guess that's a good thing since I tend to be very feminine otherwise.

Okay, that came out to be a lot of writing! Hope you injoyed it nevertheless...

{image my own}

Monday, 12 March 2012

Art Deco Fashion

I have just finished a lovely book about pochoir prints of the 1920s, and I just wanted to share some of my favourites.
Art Deco and the clothes from that period are some of my favourites, and I particularly love the style of presentation. The Japaneese-inspired print technique is perfect for these graphical and bold dresses and hairstyles. I love the way they show fur accents and the difference between shiny fabrics and embroidered ones.

{my scans}

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Flora from Royal Copenhagen

Oohh, it has been a little while since my last post here, sorry about that. I had actually meant to post during the weekend but had a small setback due to school as well as not feeling quite well. Luckily, that's over - the unwell part, school still lingers around, ready to jump at me when I am seconds to forget such thing ever existed. But hey, this semester and then my dissertation - done! I shouldn't complain, so I will just skip to the real point of this post.

Some time ago, I posted some scans from this year's catalogue from Royal Copenhagen and I mentioned a new addition to the lovely services but I was so cruel and didn't say anything more! How cruel indeed.. (please excuse my language, I have been reading way too much Dickens lately. It may be beginning to rub off!)
I LOVE this new service called Flora. It is like Flora Danica mega! But without the similar prize tag. And the very best part in my opinion?
One of the six designs is with DANDELIONS!

 Oh, how pretty it is! I hope they will create more designs so you can set the table with just different plates. And I really like the gold accents in this shoot. So cool up against the grey-green cloths and napkins.

 But seriously, how loud do you think I shrieked when I saw this? I can't decide whether I would go for just dandelions or all six designs.
Here are the rest of the designs:

Can you guys pick a favourite? If it wasn't for the dandelion design, I would not be able to, I think...
Last, some style shots, there's also a coffee and tea service in Flora, which is almost prettier if that's even possible.

Design: Anja Vang Kragh for Royal Copenhagen

{images are my own scans from the 2012 catalogue}


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