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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Weekly Favourites week 17

Well, here at last, my weekly favourites.. And of course, the Wedding (I think you know which one ;)) has a little impact on this week's selection of dresses. So many gorgeous hats and dresses. I especially loved Tara Palmer-something's blue dress but not so keen on her hat though, but I really adored the Spanish-influenced dress and turban with red flowers. Gorgeous!
As for the wedding dress, it was ok. It suited her perfectly and goes in line with her personal style (from what I recall) and had connotations (too heavy, maybe?) to Grace Kelly. However, she's not the worst to look to for fashion ideas, so all in all, very nice. Oh, I did love that she was allowed to have loose hair and a rather short veil.
But enough of the wedding, here's my personal faves from this week..
Dresses Week 17, 2011

Seperates & Accessories Week 17, 2011

I absolutely adore the silver Balmain pants and the revival of the Bamboo bag from Gucci - another Grace Kelly reference! And I discovered the webshop Pixie-market a couple of weeks ago and its amazing.. A lot of quirky dresses and stuff you don't see everywhere else. The two dresses on the grey background and the cream shirt with small black hearts can be purchased there..

Anyways, have a lovely weekend in the sun.. Its positively Summer here in Aarhus, I have been wearing no stockings the past fortnight and I'm always chilly!! I almost believe to see a slight difference between the parts of me that was covered and those that weren't.. That's a record for me!
So, I'm on the sunscrean lotion already.. Not a bad start of the year, I think!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Wedding Nails

Just a quick note to say that this week's faves will wait untill tomorrow.. I had a bunch of stuff to do today besides the Royal wedding but I really wanted to see the guests' attire and Rowan "AWESOME" Williams, Arch-bishop of Canterbury! He is by far the coolest guy and makes me smile every time I think of him.. I mean, voice and hair, anyone!?!
 Anyways, a very old and thick soft pink polish with a lot of white shimmer and a sheer with silver stars. Neither very good, had to apply tons of the star polish to get a decent amount on each nail. My nails now looks fake! But from a distance, it looks spectacular! (they weren't expensive though, so price and value go together nicely here)

The last pictures are just some close ups of some of my favourite cocktail rings. I don't really use rings on a daily basis but I like to spice things up when I'm out - so lots of glitter here!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Christel - Illustration Icon

Whenever I'm in need of inspiration for my art I turn to Christel Marrott.
She was a Danish illustrator from the 40s through to the 70s and her pictures and sculptures just sums up the most beautiful reasons why its cool to be a girl and is never out of style. Her original drawings are almost impossible to find for sale, however there's a lot of reproductions and I have a few.
She made paper dolls, book covers, fashion illustration, vignettes, zodiac scultures, stationary, and much more.. My Mum has a lot of her old (first edition prints!) paper dolls, and I have already called dipps.. The look of her style is just so effortless and chic. I'm amazed in how few strokes she needed to capture an emotion or a silhouette of a dress.. I sure wish I looked like her long-legged girly models with big eyes and high cheek bones - wait, is that still in fashion!? Timeless and vintage at the same time. It doesn't get any better than this in my opinion.
Enjoy! (I know you will...)
Images sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Monday, 25 April 2011

Fashion Fix: Bayswater Metallic Gold

I'm in love with this bag! I can't even express how much I want it, and sure wish I had a job besides my scholarship and student loan. I would eat rice or pasta for four months if it meant I could have this.. And I'm the type of girl who would and could wear it on an everyday basis.
Just imagine how awesome it would be to stroll around town on a cloudy Tuesday morning with this!!
Want want want..
I saw it in the Mulberry shop in Aarhus and it was love at first sight. They had even accessorized it with a small matching bag you could clip on and off and use as the perfect bag for a night out. Just for your keys, phone and credit card.
Love love love...
Images found at and
Mulberry Aarhus is located on Vestergade 7

Friday, 22 April 2011

Weekly Favourites week 16

Having all of our grown up princes already married off, we in Denmark are a bit over the wedding hysteria.. Nevertheless, we can always cheer for fancy dresses and big hats - really something we should incorporate more in my opinion!
Therefore, this week's favourites has hats and gowns along with a little something on the side for those lay-low days post-wedding. Can you picture one of the ladies wearing the jumpsuit with the Philip Tracy hat!? Awesome!!!
I'd be wearing the Rodarte wedges (how amazing are they???) with the little white dress for a nice post-wedding lunch.. Or perhaps enjoy the incredible summer weather here in Aarhus (20-22 degrees! In April!?) with the awesomely cute scallop bikini. I have just taken my first run this morning so maybe I'll be fit for bikini season this year..

Dresses Week 16, 2011
Accessories Week 16, 2011

Seperates Week 16, 2011

Have a nice weekend and allow yourself to indulge.. It makes the chores easier and life more fun!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Easter pastels and Coffee

Enjoying the sun here in Aarhus. Almost feels like summer with about 20 degrees celcius and twittering birds all around.
Went to Baresso this morning to get my breakfast. Baresso is a Danish coffee bar franchise, a bit like Starbucks I guess (never been in one) and they have just opened their fifth coffee bar in Aarhus. That's a lot because Aarhus isn't that big and to have it economically rentable with five coffee bars astonishes me.. They are not my favourite places to go but I do like the more urban and city like atmosfere that lets you sit and study or read for hours without anyone commenting on it. I always feels like I'm a nuisance or a poor customer if I sit on a small café and read. Always feel like I should always make sure that I have something on the table which shows I've 'paid' to sit there. Silly, I guess but that's what I like about Baresso due to all the to-go coffees they make. No one minds that you hang out for quite some time. In fact, many study groups go there...

They also sell coffee beans and sirups, and the staff is always very friendly and helpful if you want to try something new but feel a bit overwhelmed with all the possiblities or mixing and matching coffees and the lot.
My current favourite is the latte triplo on skimmed milk with less foam and with a little bit of vanilla sugar on top. I hate foam except on cappucinos sprinkled with chocolate.. If you go to the one down at 'Åen' (= the stream. Yeah, we are not cool enough to have a river through our town.. ;)) they'll make pretty 'pictures' in the foam. That's also the one which has been voted the best of the Baresso coffee bars in Denmark for the past couple of years.
At the moment they run a discount if you buy a triplo and a pain au chocolat. Yummy!! They also hav Morning Offers and all sorts of discounts along with a stamp card. When you have bought nine coffees you get the tenth for free - no matter how you want it. You may add sirup or have it on soya, whatever you want.

Here at the end, I'll just post a pretty picture of some pretty chocolate eggs in hommage to the holidays. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Morning Sun

While heading off to my various projects this morning, I stopped to take some pictures of the beautiful park at our city hall. Just three weeks ago, this was almost all blue and purple due to the early spring flowers and now it is promising green and yellow. Summer is on it's way..
The city hall is designed by Arne Jacobsen whom you may be familiar with! I quite like the design even though some says it looks like a prison. I just like the concrete with the marble look to it on such a crisp and clear cut shape.
I think it is possible still to take an elevator up to the highest platform (I think it's just above the clock) at least it was when I was a child. Anyways, these are just some pics from this morning..
Oh, and hurrah for NOMA being the World's best restaurant second year in a row!!!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Weekly Favourites week 15

Nothing to cheer you up than a bit of imaginary shopping!! Been a bit blue today, perhaps a late reaction to the great time I had yesterday evening celebrating my friend's birthday and dining out and everything.. So much fun and she loved the presents.
But I did find some AMAZING dresses (again!) this week. Seriously, do the designers read my mind?! I can't even pick a favourite among them but if I actually had to buy one I'd go for the Proenza Schouler or the One Vintage (green) ones. However, doesn't the Marchesa gown look stunning? I'd wear it for the royal wedding if I had an invite.. Well, we can all dream and dreams are what is making us go beyond our beliefs and achieving success. And I'm all in for that!
Enjoy, and a lovely weekend to you all..
Dresses Week 15, 2011

Sep. & Acc. Week 15, 2011

Oh, and by the way, I love the new custom size feature on Polyvore.. Much more useful for blogging. Looks better, right?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Inspired by Vianne Rocher from 'Chocolat'

I finished 'The Lollipop Shoes' yesterday and loved it even more than I thought I would.. And this is going to be a very heavy posts of pictures inspired by Vianne Rocher. I will not spoil any future readers the surprices and suspence so I'm not going to comment on the pictures, but let's just say that I love the folk tales envoked in Joanne Harris' novel.
May these photos bring out a little sunshine in stead of the rain.. (It has rained for two days now.. bummer!) And now I wish I could make a little magic sign or trick to pass the greeting further along.. Nevermind, enjoy!
Images found here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 and 14

Monday, 11 April 2011


Currently, I'm reading Joanne Harris' sequel to 'Chocolat' and loving it! Usually, I'm more of a vanilla girl (my body lotion and favourite recipes contain vanilla) but after reading the incredible details of chocolate making in 'Chocolat' and reviving those images whilst reading the sequel, the only outcome of this could only be images of chocolate posted on this blog..
I like chocolate, don't get me wrong! I like the flavour, the colours, the options for what you can use it for, the sound, the memory, the thought of chocolate.. However, I do not like the cheap stuff that is more sugar and milk than chocolate. In addition, the setting of chocolate is also important to my experience of it. The wrapping paper, the box with little ribbons, the cafés that serve it and so on. My favourite is rich warm chocolate with a dash of chili and vanilla, and sometimes with a little whipped cream on top. Second to that, is white chocolate (that doesn't really have that much to do with chocolate when considering the bean) but there's a lot of vanilla in it..
Some weeks ago, I saw a documentary on chocolate and its origins. I discovered that thanks to chocolate we have weekends!
Apparently, it was when the Quakers started chocolate factories and created cities around the factories for their workers that the weekend was invented due to their religious beliefs. I also think it said that social benefits and other stuff that we take for granted as part of the welfare has origins back to the Quakers' chocolate factories.
When I see displays of chocolate, I am often slightly disappointed. Its too cool in a way, no warmth or sensualality to it. I guess, I'm more "back to basics" and the Mayas in this matter because I crave chocolate the most if I see it against warm colours oozing with sex and mystery, and leading your thoughts to more sensual matters. It is an aphrodisic after all.. Why don't the producers use that?!
This picture comes close to how I would set up a chocolaterie.. Warm sensual colours evoking forgotten longings and dreams in dark and semi-sweet chocolate with small splashes of white chocolate..
I can look at this picture for a loooooooong time...
I just like pretty labels and this one contains chocolate and Paris - what's not to like?
If only I had some cream I'd go make myself a lucious cup of hot chocolate right now.
Denmark is currently experiencing several talented chocolate makers, however, none with the warmth and sensuality that I like so much but with the Scandinavian cool (here: white and crisp) aesthetics.. However, it does taste like heaven..
Among these brands are Summerbird, Sct. Michelsen, Eliza, Magasin Chokolade, Frellsen and probably many more..

Images found here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 and 7 


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