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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Morning Sun

While heading off to my various projects this morning, I stopped to take some pictures of the beautiful park at our city hall. Just three weeks ago, this was almost all blue and purple due to the early spring flowers and now it is promising green and yellow. Summer is on it's way..
The city hall is designed by Arne Jacobsen whom you may be familiar with! I quite like the design even though some says it looks like a prison. I just like the concrete with the marble look to it on such a crisp and clear cut shape.
I think it is possible still to take an elevator up to the highest platform (I think it's just above the clock) at least it was when I was a child. Anyways, these are just some pics from this morning..
Oh, and hurrah for NOMA being the World's best restaurant second year in a row!!!


Inadesign said...

Skønne billeder, Anne :) Man få lyst til at tage ind til Århus og gå en tur.

The Dandelion Chronicles said...

Tak, søde Ina.. Og ja, der er så dejligt med alle blomsterne lige i øjeblikket. Det er så ondt med studiernes overtag af foråret! Jeg vil gerne have det tilbage.. :)


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