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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Do not flee from here...

... Its a flee market!
I love flee markets as most people do. All the gold and the brass in one big scoop and the potential life changing loves that could enter your home and bring out a smile and a story whenever you see them.
The first and third Sunday, there's a flee market on Ingerslev Boulevard which also graces the farmers' markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and just around the corner from me! The flee market is on from April 'till September and there is always a huge crowd of scanners, students, haters (even they can't stay away!), and pros. All in one big jar of goodies and rubbish to go through.
I visited this Sunday, and boy was I lucky or what? I have found a new love.. but I'll show you later.. First, here's some detail snaps from the day. I couldn't get a decent photo of several booths due to the crowd. Nevertheless, I am on a non-spending mission for a year which so far has been very eye-opening to me but it had to fail this Sunday because of my new love. However, I am still somewhat focused of not buying too much rubbish so there was some gems that I volantarily let go and just took a nice picture of in stead. And I'm quite proud of myself for that!
Those Dalarna horses with blue fluted print! That was a tough one to let go - I didn't even ask the price because I knew that I would have bought them right away almost no matter what the tag was.. Standing strong - so far! 
A very cute Betty Boop clock and loads of mini-perfumes and salt'n'pepper sets.
Blue glass, the perfect gift for my Mum, and blue fluted china.
Next to Royal Copenhagen's services I love these old pieces with gold trims and painted flowers. So whimsical and almost ugly that you have got to love it! I'm sometimes attracted to the slightly grotesque and in my book these things come close to that category. No offence!
I like ships. On mantels, on shelves, on tables, on display and in the horizon. However, in order to take part in a voyage I will have to eat constantly in order not to get sea sick. A real bummer since I love the ocean and in my head I would love to be a sailor but my body and my past experiences disagree..
Pippi!!! Yay, I loved her as a child and still do. The holidays in Denmark seem slightly odd if there's no Astrid Lindgren-adaptations on the TV, even though she was Swedish! I always identified more with Ronja than Pippi. However, Pippi did have a pirate as her father, so there's the sailing dreams again.. 
A tin box with The Queen of Flavigny (apparently..) and just imagine if you could set a table filled with different coloured glasses like these! Love!
Blue fluted, JFK and Jackie, and odd bits and pretties.. The whole palette of colours just speaks to something deep inside of me. It was probably the stand where I stayed the longest browsing. 
And then I saw this... 
And now it looks like this...
Yeah, terrible photo, I know, however, my room was quite cluttered and I tried to avoid the reflection giving that away..
This is my new love. I almost cried when I saw it at the flee market and in my opinion it was dirt cheap. There's even a little stool along with it but I need to repolster it beacuse the fabric was shattered. And the best thing? Rose-tinted glass!!! I didn't even realize that at first due to my rose coloured trenchcoat I was wearing. But I am so happy, and smile every time I pass it and its one of the first things I see when I wake up.

So there you go. My reason (a good one, I think) for slipping my New Year's resolution.. I can't stop smiling!

All images are mine.

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Kate said...

mmm your perfume bottles make me swoon!


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