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Friday, 29 April 2011

Wedding Nails

Just a quick note to say that this week's faves will wait untill tomorrow.. I had a bunch of stuff to do today besides the Royal wedding but I really wanted to see the guests' attire and Rowan "AWESOME" Williams, Arch-bishop of Canterbury! He is by far the coolest guy and makes me smile every time I think of him.. I mean, voice and hair, anyone!?!
 Anyways, a very old and thick soft pink polish with a lot of white shimmer and a sheer with silver stars. Neither very good, had to apply tons of the star polish to get a decent amount on each nail. My nails now looks fake! But from a distance, it looks spectacular! (they weren't expensive though, so price and value go together nicely here)

The last pictures are just some close ups of some of my favourite cocktail rings. I don't really use rings on a daily basis but I like to spice things up when I'm out - so lots of glitter here!


lilabraga said...


lilabraga said...

I love the nail art!!!

The Dandelion Chronicles said...

Thanks, even though I don't know whether I'd call it nail ART myself! *ss*

Edie said...

oohh, great nails! looks really cool and festive, could imagine them for christmas or new years as well...
great idea!

best wishes,


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