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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Weekly Favourites week 17

Well, here at last, my weekly favourites.. And of course, the Wedding (I think you know which one ;)) has a little impact on this week's selection of dresses. So many gorgeous hats and dresses. I especially loved Tara Palmer-something's blue dress but not so keen on her hat though, but I really adored the Spanish-influenced dress and turban with red flowers. Gorgeous!
As for the wedding dress, it was ok. It suited her perfectly and goes in line with her personal style (from what I recall) and had connotations (too heavy, maybe?) to Grace Kelly. However, she's not the worst to look to for fashion ideas, so all in all, very nice. Oh, I did love that she was allowed to have loose hair and a rather short veil.
But enough of the wedding, here's my personal faves from this week..
Dresses Week 17, 2011

Seperates & Accessories Week 17, 2011

I absolutely adore the silver Balmain pants and the revival of the Bamboo bag from Gucci - another Grace Kelly reference! And I discovered the webshop Pixie-market a couple of weeks ago and its amazing.. A lot of quirky dresses and stuff you don't see everywhere else. The two dresses on the grey background and the cream shirt with small black hearts can be purchased there..

Anyways, have a lovely weekend in the sun.. Its positively Summer here in Aarhus, I have been wearing no stockings the past fortnight and I'm always chilly!! I almost believe to see a slight difference between the parts of me that was covered and those that weren't.. That's a record for me!
So, I'm on the sunscrean lotion already.. Not a bad start of the year, I think!


Edie said...

nice clothes.... i fell in love with the yellow and black skirt and like most of the dresses, too... why cant all of this be in my closet?

best wishes,

The Dandelion Chronicles said...

I wish for a magic closet that either always carries the clothes you want or the clothes that suit you (not always the same thing..)

I guess, I have to wait quite a while for that. ;)

Thanks for stopping by.. :)


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