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Monday, 11 April 2011


Currently, I'm reading Joanne Harris' sequel to 'Chocolat' and loving it! Usually, I'm more of a vanilla girl (my body lotion and favourite recipes contain vanilla) but after reading the incredible details of chocolate making in 'Chocolat' and reviving those images whilst reading the sequel, the only outcome of this could only be images of chocolate posted on this blog..
I like chocolate, don't get me wrong! I like the flavour, the colours, the options for what you can use it for, the sound, the memory, the thought of chocolate.. However, I do not like the cheap stuff that is more sugar and milk than chocolate. In addition, the setting of chocolate is also important to my experience of it. The wrapping paper, the box with little ribbons, the caf├ęs that serve it and so on. My favourite is rich warm chocolate with a dash of chili and vanilla, and sometimes with a little whipped cream on top. Second to that, is white chocolate (that doesn't really have that much to do with chocolate when considering the bean) but there's a lot of vanilla in it..
Some weeks ago, I saw a documentary on chocolate and its origins. I discovered that thanks to chocolate we have weekends!
Apparently, it was when the Quakers started chocolate factories and created cities around the factories for their workers that the weekend was invented due to their religious beliefs. I also think it said that social benefits and other stuff that we take for granted as part of the welfare has origins back to the Quakers' chocolate factories.
When I see displays of chocolate, I am often slightly disappointed. Its too cool in a way, no warmth or sensualality to it. I guess, I'm more "back to basics" and the Mayas in this matter because I crave chocolate the most if I see it against warm colours oozing with sex and mystery, and leading your thoughts to more sensual matters. It is an aphrodisic after all.. Why don't the producers use that?!
This picture comes close to how I would set up a chocolaterie.. Warm sensual colours evoking forgotten longings and dreams in dark and semi-sweet chocolate with small splashes of white chocolate..
I can look at this picture for a loooooooong time...
I just like pretty labels and this one contains chocolate and Paris - what's not to like?
If only I had some cream I'd go make myself a lucious cup of hot chocolate right now.
Denmark is currently experiencing several talented chocolate makers, however, none with the warmth and sensuality that I like so much but with the Scandinavian cool (here: white and crisp) aesthetics.. However, it does taste like heaven..
Among these brands are Summerbird, Sct. Michelsen, Eliza, Magasin Chokolade, Frellsen and probably many more..

Images found here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 and 7 

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