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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Parisian Vibes

On Saturday, I was in great spirits and after the lovely farmers' market on Ingerslev Blvd (see yesterday's post) I decided to explore the neighbourhood. I still have to extend my comfort zone around my flat but I guess that will come more and more this spring and summer. Anyways, I played around with my camera and suddenly found myself looking more or less at Paris if I tuned it to sepia! Awesome! And I remembered seeing somewhere a blog-post that said "Take a bad picture in sepia or b/w and add a quote in helvetica - that's a bloghit." Awesomeness incarnated! 

So here's some snaps from Odensegade and the area around Sct. Paul's Church in Aarhus but without quotes in helvetica.. Enjoy..

Odensegade looking down at Skt. Pauls Kirkeplads (Sct Paul's)
Pretty historicist-style windows and door frames in the following pictures.
The little park just behind Sct Paul's. Lovely in the summer and early fall with the trees going bananas with colours..
A pretty building on the corner of Hans Broges Gade, Skt Pauls Kirkeplads and Odensegade.
Pretty windows. I always find the top windows the prettiest from the outside, however, chances are huge that there's no lift in the building and I think I counted five stories.. That's a work-out!
Three dogs playing with their owners (SO CUTE!!!!) in the park at Marselisborg Allé just down from Odensegade.
  Sct. Paul's from the front. Very Romanesque but much later.. The church is not following the traditional orientation with the entrance portal being faced West, here's its faced North due to the traffic. The Church is so recent that they had to construct it around the already existing streets in order to get the permission. But it looks quite nice when you are coming from down town and going uphill to Frederiksbjerg (the area of all the pictures I have shown). It sort of greets you, I think.

Well, anyway, this was just some silly shots from a lazy Saturday with a little Parisian vibe (at least to me)..
All images are mine.

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lilabraga said...

wow,wow,wow!!! fabulous pictures and processing here!


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