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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

{Monthly Favourites} April 2013

Monthly Favourites April 2013

Matthew Williamson dress, 11.915 DKK / Victoria Beckham dress, 12.325 DKK / Vionnet silk dress, 10.885 DKK / Etro silk top, 4.265 DKK / Rick Owens , 12.040 DKK / Acne tuxedo waistcoat, 3.795 DKK / Acne / Joseph pants, 1.525 DKK / L'Wren Scott striped pencil skirt, 7.675 DKK / Bionda Castana white and black shoes / Oversized handbag, 370 DKK

And BAM! another Monthly Favourites has been released.. The exitement and overreaction due to me having some issues with my Internet connection today which vexed me and was very irritating. But now all is in perfect order. Let's hope it stays that way..

Here in Denmark we have had Spring visit us for a couple of days this April, however this month was also the coldest April in 25 years according to the ones who know about this stuff. Uff! So I haven't quite let go of my winter coat yet but at least I can wear high heels around town. That just makes it so much easier for me to dress. I am not a flats or boots kinda girl, mostly because my calves are huge! I cannot even fit the Hunter wellies with extra room! So I am always on the look for nice wellies (any ideas?)

But this month I am very smitten with the Rick Owens leather jecket, so cool and classy at the same time. And that bag from Ruche! Is it just a tad TOO CLOSE to the icon or is it okay? I am alwyas a bit weary when these things happen. Of course I haven't seen it in real life, but I guess there's some significant change in craftmanship and detail. However for that ridiculously low price I consider actually buying it and find out.
Oh, and that vest from Swedish ACNE is just way to cool for school....
...which I DO NOT EVER HAVE TO ATTEND AGAIN BECAUSE I HAVE PASSED MY DISSERTATION!!!!!! Yes, I am just waiting for the official grading but I have recieved my attest that it is passed. So relieved...

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