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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Happy Bicentennial Søren Kierkegaard

A round of applause and a lot of cake to celebrate probably the most famous Dane, Søren Kierkegaard. He would have been 200 today, and his works still stand as fresh and inspiring as ever. I have personally read Either/Or but have yet to endeavour more into his works which I do plan on though. But Kirkegaard's works need a focused mind in order to balance through the various voices he used for the different personas within the works. That is one of the common errors of reading Kirkegaard, if you do not pay attention you mistakenly attribute the voice of the aesthete to Kirkegaard himself - which is far from the truth! Kirkegaard loathed the embodiment of the aesthete and wished for people to be more aware of the choices they faced.
However, my small celebration and tribute to Søren Aabye Kirkegaard was never meant for a greater discussion on his works, I will leave that to the hundreds and hundreds of celebration activities around Denmark to do so. I am quite sure the Kirkegaard Institue will turn upside down today and be all over the place with Kirkegaard quotes and paraphrases...
 And two for kicks:
If you use Twitter you should most definitely follow KimKirkegaard. It is a mash up of Kim Kardashian's tweets with Kirkegaard's philosophy. It is hilarious! A combination no one had seen coming but it really works. However, I am not so sure that Kirkegaard would have approved of Ms Kardashian, too much of an aesthetic lifestyle - if even that!

Anyways, cheers and hurray to the crooked Dane who still haunts our consiousnesses and inspires us. To the next 200!

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