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Thursday, 18 April 2013


I am getting a hair cut on Saturday so I am compiling a little inspiration for how I would like my hair do to turn out. But it probably goes like it always does which in my case is like this: 
'Just 2 cm, please'
CHOP CHOP CHOP! [suddenly 7-10 cm off]
'Okay, looks great, thanks'
10 mins later: 'I miss my hair!!!!!'
Am I the only one in this here? I have never dared to say anything because what can be done when it has been cut too short except getting out of the salon and wait for it to grow back? That usually makes me avoid getting near any salon in six months time or more until my hair starts to have a mind of its own (which is now for me). I have tried prolonging my absense from the salons by using deep hair treatments and extra conditioning, but now it has reached its limit. So Saturday it is. Wish me lock (also I have a terrible sense of humour!)
{all images via my Coiffure Pinterest board}

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