Love is not visible to the eyes but to the soul - Shakespeare

Sunday, 28 October 2012

{Sonnet Sunday} Shakespeare XVIII

{my Moleskine}
The most famous sonnet by Shakespeare of them all. I am not sure whether I think it is the best though. However, it is pretty neat and as the hopeless romantic that I am, I would die if someone would write that to me... Not that it is anything close to that ever happening, ha!
From time to time, I try to memorize this so I can recite it by heart whenever I feel like the world needs a little grandeur literary life. Not to anyone but just to myself whenever I feel the world to be too brutal and in need of some grace. One could perhaps call it my First Aid kit to literature in the everyday life.
Do you have a quote, poem, or something you cherish or memorize whenever you feel the world to be too much?

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