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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Just read the novella by Capote yesterday, so naturally, you guys are in for some screen and promo shots from the movie.. I do think there's a natural law proving this - maybe Newton had something to say on this!
Anyhow, I have never come across someone who didn't like this movie. As I read the novella, I was pleasantly surprised that I was actually able to leave out most of the images of Audrey Hepburn or at least merge her appearance into the novella's descriptions of Holly and the setting; the novella's setting is during the war for those of you who may not know.. I highly recommend reading it.
SPOILER: it does not have the Hollywood happy ending but I do think it is a happy ending and very appropriate to Ms Holiday Golightly.. I like that her name matches the sign on her mailbox, "Traveling". Such a cute detail.

Off course, the fashion could feature multiple entries on this blog because it is amazing. My favourite look though, is probably the least Holly Golightly-look, the pink bubble dress she wears on her date with the Brazillian and when she recieves the news of her brother's death.
It's pink and there's glitter, and it suits my own figure better then those narrow black dresses..
I always tend to look at fashion that way - would I pull it off or not?

I never thought that much about the decor of Holly's apartment except that it was different from Fred's (in the novella he is nameless and we only know him by Holly's nick name for him) designed by his 'patroness' (let's call it that).
But now searching for images, I discover her couch being a bath tub! How awesome is that!? I love it! Now I need to get two of those with the golden lion feet, one for the bathroom and one to transform into a couch.. (with pink pillows off course!)

There you go.. Okay, you might be in store for an 'Inspired by...' post dedicated to Holly soon. I'm still mushing over that one.
But it will include a cat!

Have a great mid-week.. (a slightly bad pun on the German word for Wednesday, Mittwoch)

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