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Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Liberation of 1945

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, it is today 66 years since Nazi-Germany capitulated in Holland, North-west Germany, and Denmark.
In Denmark, we celebrate this day wawering our flag everywhere possible.. Or, perhaps I should say, those who know what this day means celebrate. A lot of school children and youngsters don't know anything about it - many even think its our Queen's birthday! Tragic in my opinion.
My grandparents sometimes tell me how it was like during the Occupation, however, they don't go beyond talking about the rationing stamps, curfew or shortage of fabrics (my great-grandmother was a tailor) adn other commodities.
I know that my paternal grandmother was a cook and my grandfather dug peat for fuel. My maternal grabdmother was only a child and pre-teen during these five years but she remembers how she had to walk miles and miles to go to the classes in order to get confirmated. My maternal grandfather was some sort of ambulance assistance or worked at farms around the country.

Anyways, I just wanted to share some photos from the days back in '45 here in Denmark..
Celebration Montgomery's arrival in Copenhagen. Not quite sure why the Stars and Stripes except that we all put the Allied in one big bunch and had a party (or at least until reality and anger hit back.. but that's too depresing to talk about right now. Another time, maybe)
To girls celebration and wawering Dannebrog (the Danish flag; red with white cross)
King Christian X. Probably the most iconic figure in Denmark during the Occupation. His daily rides through Copenhagen was a great inspiration to everyone, and a silent protest to the Nazi-enforced government. He was more than ever the embodiment of what was Danish and that he would not be bossed around by men in tanks and Schwarsticas.
This last one says, 'Closed because of Happiness.' So nice...

Images here here here and here

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