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Friday, 20 May 2011

Weekly Favourites week 20

Hi guys, happy Friday and here in denmark its a national holiday called Stor Bededag which means Great Prayer Day. This was created after the Reformation in order to gather all of the saints' holidays in one day only in stead of many. So we have a day longer weekend which is always nice, and the sun is shining so what more can you ask for? Well, possibly no papers or exams but I doubt the educational system would agree..

Anyways, here's my favourites from this week. Lots of goodies out there! What do you think?
Weekly favourites, Week 20 2011

I must say that I am particularly fond of the Stella McCartney dress and the new 'Taylor' Mulberry bag.
I like how all the items work together. Add a pair of jeans and a sweater and you have a whole wardrobe! Love.

Since I only have one set this week (it all worked so well together I had to put them in one!) I will share a little photos from this and that from the past week. I have tried two of the nail polishes that I bought and they look marvelous! and bought some pretty pretty pastel lilacs on the farmers market.. Fresh flowers really cheer me up when I'm down, and I did feel a little blue this week. I guess the stress of exams and class registration are taking it's hit on me right now. Therefore, the more need of surrounding yourself with pretty things and take a deep breath of sunshine and baby's laughter.. And hey, not even a month untill my summer holiday!!! Score!

 When I find a little time out from papers, I'm reading Søren Kierkegaard's 'Either-Or'.. Almost finished..
The nail polish is 'Lavender Love' from GOSH and I kid you not: ONE coat and I couldn't see a single chip in a week! I only took it off 'cause I started to feel bored with the colour. I like to change once or twice a week but I was so impressed with this that I wanted to see how long it lasted. But apparently longer than my patience! :)

The 'Yellow Bombay' from GOSH. Three coats and only slightly visible nail line. It seems slightly darker than Chanel's Mimosa (as far as I could see in the shops) and GOSH's has more apparent glitter and shimmer than Chanel's. However, a very fine substitute given the fact that this only cost a third of Chanel's prize! Actually, I don't know whether its a sub since it was in GOSH's F/W line BEFORE Chanel released Mimosa..

There you go, a little this and that from my little ivory tower..
Have a lovely weekend.

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Stefany said...

Great post, love the dresses you've chosen x


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