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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bibliophilic Café

Hidden away in the basement of a bookstore is the most perfect little gem of a café.
The walls are covered with antique and second hand books that you are free to read in and can purchase at the bookstore's counter when you leave. The atmospheare is low key and the best part? They serve the best coffee in town - period! 
Its part of Sigfreds Kaffebar (Sigfred's coffee bar) on Strøget and they have been voted the best coffee bar the past three or four years.
Now don't expect to have a choice whether its skimmed, low fat or whatever because they don't do that! That's not coffee! (I watched one ask one day to get her latte on low fat milk and the glare she recieved from the barista was epic! I still giggle..)

Personally, I order the cappucino or the café au lait but the hot chocolate in winter is also made on real chocolate, and the sandwiches are so yummy.. The prizes are at the higher end in Aarhus but I really don't mind because you know that the people behind the counter know their stuff and you can actually taste the coffee. Even in a large latte which I find to be a rare experience. 
If you are more intriged by the noble art of barista-ing (what's it called?) or tea brewing you can join one of their barista get-to-know-your-espresso-machine courses. And if I ever get to splurge on such a machine it will be at Sigfred's that I will buy it - yes, they sell machines, coffee beans, tea and what-nots too..

Sigfreds Kaffebar at Vangsgaards Boghandel
Ryesgade 3
8000 Aarhus C.
Open most days from 10-17:30

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