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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Eurovision Song Contest - My faves!

I have actually ditched it these past years because I thought the songs were insanely bad and it all was about skinny girls taking more and more clothes off during the song! That may appeal to some but not me.. However, there are some seriously great songs this year and two of them have already been stuck in my head! That's usually a good sign, right? Nevertheless, I didn't even know that I knew the Danish contribution due to my past avoidance of ESC and was quite surprised to know that I like it.. :) But there you go!

However, my absolute favourite is Serbia's! Love everything about it; the melody, the lyrics (even though I don't understand a thing! However, here's an English version too), the style of both the music and the girls - 60s retro!!!! and it's so great for a summer party!
It's so catchy!!!! Love it!

My second favourite this year is Switzerland's song. Its so Colby Caillat and I can definately imagine this being played alot this summer while eating strawbeeries with cream and drinking iced tea. Such a feel-good song. And I really like that the musicians look so happy!

Off course, I cannot NOT post Denmark's contribution to the Eurovisions.. Rumor has it that its one of the favourites, so we are quite excited here in Denmark! Its one of the most aired songs at the moment here, and this year, I'm not hiding my enthusiasm for 'our' song.
Hope you'll like it too..

The jokester this year, is last year's winner Lena who is also Germany's contribution this year but with a completly different kind of song than 'Satelites'.. daring, but its growing on me, I must say. Also quite catchy refrain and I adore her accent.

So there you go! Be sure to tune in this Thursday for the second semi-final (where Denmark is!!!) and Saturday for the final..
To listen to the rest of the songs, including those that didn't make it in the first semi-final go here..

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