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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Happy Birthday, Charlotte Brontë

Just a small salute to the author of Jane Eyre.

I still wonder how it came to be that in the middle of nowhere in Yorkshire, three young girls were able to write at least two of the most beloved and haunting novels of all time.
Personally, I did not start off liking the Brontës at all - too much feeling and agony! But lately I have come to understand what they were trying to show. The much wider scope of feeling than Jane Austen would ever allow explicitly told, and somehow without the moral judgement of the same. My memories of the novels are better than my direct experiences with them. Nostalgia, or succombing to peer pressure?

Anyways, the artwork and the interpretations of Jane Eyre still show some of the most beautiful images I have seen.
Please enjoy,

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Pinned Image
{Candice Lesage} {her blog is here}
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{from my Pinterest}

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