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Monday, 30 April 2012

{Monthly Favourites} April 2012

Monthly Favourites April 2012

Hi lovelies.. This is going to be like an old recording machine gone broken because yet again I feel like this month rushed by and not really saying 'hi' or anything. Crazy fast, really.

However, state of the affairs are well. Posting my synopsis for one of my exam projects today and attending a guest lecture by Prof. Juliet John in my Charles Dickens-course in which my exam topic has also been accepted, so all in all, just crazy work schedule with exams, teachings, family gatherings, and trying to pick up a moment or two to catch my breath.
I am also in the bud of deciding on my master's thesis topic so I can apply for a mentor medio May. So weird that I am writing my final piece (hopefully!) this fall! Then no more school but just the real world. Scary, but also terribly exciting.

Anyways, if we get back to the main reason of today, the fashion, I. WANT. ALL.
I am not even sure whether I can pick one favourite over them all which I am usually able to. Now that I look at the pieces together, it seems like I have quite an eclectic style. With bits of street, bits of glamour, bits of vintage, bits of quirky, bits of rock.
Sadly though, none of this is in my actual closet, but if I had the money, I think the first piece I would buy is the Chloé bell sleeve dress because it is so versatile. The last would probably be the Miu Miu iPhone case since I don't actually own an iPhone, so purchasing a case would probably be a tad silly of me, no?

Oh well, one can dream while treading around Aarhus in my blue Converse and shift dresses. And that's is certainly not too bad either.

Cheers for now, and see you in May!

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