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Saturday, 5 May 2012

{Lookbook: Noa Noa 2006}

Taking a rest from studies with homemade Madeleines and strong tea, I thought I would share these images from an old lookbook by the Danish brand Noa Noa. So whimsical, pastel, layers, and feminine.
However, it is said to be easily too much if you create an outfit just from that brand. But perhaps that is just because it is so far from the normal minimalist uniform here in Scandinavia. It is rare to see someone not wearing edgy and minimalistic clothing, so naturally it would easily be out of Scandinavian women's comfort zones.

Nevertheless, I think the styling of this lookbook is amazing, and I feel very inspired going through it. I also thought it was quite fun that it featured a slight 20s vibe now that everyone is doing that, and the lookbook is from 2006.

Gorgeous lighting and setting. All of it just works in these photos but it would take a a couple of deep breaths if I were to face the world confidently looking like this. Some of the items are wonderful, and I do have a couple of pieces from Noa Noa, but I think they sometimes stuff their collections with too much felt!
Anyways, these are beautiful images and that's the main reason for today's post.

{my scans}


Franka said...

I like the fashion of Noa NOa very much!
We have a store in our town!


♥ Franka

S. said...

Fantastic photos!

/S / http://


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