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Monday, 7 November 2011


Just some photos of my most recent manicures. No theme or something. Just a little this and that.

Spellbound by SpaRituals. I really like this, the coverage was good and sparkle just as I like it.

Spellbound again with two rings from H&M Devided collection. The set contains four rings, the two shown as well as a fox and a double twig. The last one you can see in the second to last photo.

H&M Double Nail Polish in Dusty Nails. They were almost one coater and especially the grey is wonderful on the nails. Will work for many skintones, I think. 

Here with GOSH's Rainbow over. I really love my Rainbow polish, so I stocked up when I heard it was discontinued.

Ebony from Yves Rocher. Do you know that firm? It is a post order firm and I can highly recommend their lipsticks and hand cremes.
Their nail polish collection is not big and the bottles only contain around 3 Ml, but easy to travel with then, and Ebony was two coats and topcoat.

Do you also test nail polishes in shops on tape? I find it nice to get a chance to see whether their formula is thick or if the shimmer shows up. These ones are from left: Chanel's Christmas collection Rouge Carat {I think!!!} and the rest are from Dior's Winter or Christmas collection. I like the Chanel one and the second from Dior (the middle test).

The nail polishes on my Moleskine illustration of the Blue Fluted design from Royal Copenhagen.
Oh well, so many nail polishes so little time, and so few hands!

See you on Wednesday which is this little blog's 1-year birthday!

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