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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Weekly Favourites 45

Weekly Favourites 45

I am experiencing a fast-growing love for simle and elegant jewelry which can work both on the daily basis as well on special occasions. The Alex Monroe collection is spot on this love, and the small accents of diamonds and other gemstones are to die for. Subtle and very elegant without the flashy-tacky feel. With that said, I also like big and glitter as long as the materials and the designs are good.. And with one statement piece {the Topshop Star necklace} and the rest subtle, I think it could work well together.

And I still love the past Miu Miu collection and the top would work great with other things in my wardrobe without being too much last season. I like when pieces work like that and that's probably the tell-tell sign if you buy with your heart or are a fashion-victim with no clear personal style. Don't get me wrong, I like to be on-trend but I also know that with many things I followed the fashion trends past instead of wearing what I really liked or what suited me and my figure. Maybe it is an aspect of getting older. No more city shorts or flared trousers for me! Scorned child fears the fire - or something..

On another note, does anyone know whether the Coca Cola lip balms taste like Coke? If yes, I'm so gonna get them... for my sister!

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