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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

{The Dandelion Chronicles} 1 year old!

The morning was set off by an exquisite breakfast with the last blooming roses from the garden. The coffee was hot and the croissants were buttery. Nothing else to do but to enjoy the tastes and slowly feel the coffee invigorate you for the birthday of this little blog.

Presents wrapped in the prettiest paper with lace trimmings waited the birthady girl when she descended the stairs. All she ever wanted and dreamt of was there..

Balloons, glitter, and happy faces, all there to greet you and wish you the very best of best's.

Cakes outdoing the decor and sugary sweets to melt on your tongue. Macarons, eclairs, tartes...

Blackcurrant layercake with white chocolate cream and liqourice marenges.

Sparklers all around to celebrate the first year of my little darling which The Dandelion Chronicles has become.

I just want to say thank you to my followers and all the sweet visitors from all around the globe. It is truly amazing to know that people far far away have visited my little outlet of inspiration and creativity. I could not ask for a sweeter online community than what I am a part of here and to think that other bloggers have featured my blog in their blogrolls and links makes me quite humble.
I am greatful for having found other people who like the same things that I do and also tries to give their lives a little sparkle, and I hope this little blog will be around for a long time.

                                      The Dandelion Chronicles

{1: My scan, 2: via WeHeartIt, 3: via Pinterest, 4: via Tumblr, 5: My scan, and 6: via Making Magique}

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