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Friday, 25 November 2011

Weekly Favourites 47

weekly favourites 47, 2011

The Holiday season seems to have hit the online stores big time this week. Lots of fashion books, home decor items, as well as the little party frocks for all the get-togethers during December and January.

I for one would wear The Row's white dress (I love the sleeves) and in the cold weather the rabbit and racoon hoodie would be perfect. That would also go with my Zara boucle coat at home which hasn't got a collar.

For Christmas Eve, I would go for the Roland Mouret dress and the Topshop tights. The perfect dress with the little twist on the neckline. And during the long hours waiting to open the presents (I am hoping for that faboulous Rosa Maria-ring) the deck of cards from Lanvin would come quite in handy. (In Denmark, we exchange presents on Christmas Eve after dancing around the tree)

When all is said and ate, the scented candle which is inspired by Marie Antoinette's Petit Trianon will surely cure my post-Christmas blues.

Any musthaves or must-wishes this year? The white blazer would be mine..

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