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Thursday, 30 August 2012

{CFW SS13} Baum und Pferdgarten & Peter Jensen

Guess what!? More Danish fashion... I hope you enjoy this as much as I do because I really think Denmark has some really talented designers, and well, let's be honest, CFW is not as hyped (yet!) as Paris, London or Milan. And I do feel it as a sort of duty to spread the word when I think we in Denmark do great stuff. A little patriotic, but I hope you don't mind.
Today, I will show two of the more curious and funny brands; Baum und Pferdgarten and Peter Jensen. Basically, they are all about colours, colours, and fun in fashion. A nice contrast to the more demure wardrobe essentials that we usually do here.
First up is Baum und Pferdgarten.
Don't you just love the coats?
Next is off course Peter Jensen who is also the first with men's wear (that I at least feature here..)
I cannot help but thinking the men's wear match Baum und Pferdagrden's women's wear perfectly. Super cute date outfits, no? True, it would take a brave guy who wants to get noticed but at the same time doesn't take himself too seriously. Do you know any such guys?!
 I think I would pick up the whole bill if my date wore baby pink gingham shorts on our date! So awesome, and actually in the 1910s, pink was the colour for boys and blue was the colour for girls! It didn't change until about the 1950s. And I actually think that the male model wears pink better than the girl model below. Perhaps something about the complexion?
But I do adore pink and the various hues of pink. It can be a tricky colour to wear in case of your teint and style. Here I think it is done rather cool with the edgy slit. It is difficult to see here, but the slit is perhaps 10 cm and rounded. A really cool detail without making too much fuss at the same time.
Images: Copenhagen Fashion Week

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