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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

{CFW SS13} Anne Sofie Madsen

This past weekend, Copenhagen hosted the Danish fashion week with delightful dreams of next summer. So prepare for a little Danish fashion-spamming from me and I promise it will not be a hazzle!

Anne Sofie Madsen had her debut show only last year, and yet her collection this year was the best in my opinion. The colour cheme, the craftsmanship (I hope the photos do them justice), and the details... So wonderful and inspiring. I loved basically all of her looks even though they are not really my style. And that happening is like discovering a lake in Sahara!
But you can see why below...

 I really think I cannot live without this skirt! There's a little bit of glitter in it, and it was just wonderful on the runway video.
 The same goes for this dress. If I cannot have it then I really hope it will make its rounds on the various red carpets here in Denmark.. Just amazing details.
 I predict this look to be the most sold dress in the collection. It sort of just epitomizes the Danish fashion vibe at the moment, and I doubt that next summer will be any different. I am not sure whether it is Anne Sofie Madsen's own drawing or a collab with an artist. But so wearable and beautiful.
 I am picturing various Danish electronica-artists in this... Quite exited to see if I will be right.
Back details at the finale. Love love love.

Designer: Anne Sofie Madsen
Stylist: Sassie Baré
Images: Copenhagen Fashion Week 

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