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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Back to School

I'm soon starting classes again and thinking how to dress the part. I need some essentials of course and I don't think you could go wring if you incorporate these items into your school look whether it being lectures or seminars. What's your essentials at school or work?
 The Topshop playsuite would be great for last of winter and early spring while stuck inside a class room. The colour is versatile and I like the little details like the pleading and the belt. The knit coat from H&M is also super great for this time of year. Stylish and warm which is important here in Scandinavia.. Otherwise, we'll probably die of pnemonia.. Topshop & H&M
The Oxfords are so cute and very versatile and wearable when you explore the town taking photos or sipping green tea on the nearby café. Effortless chic in my humble opinion. The marine tights are so thick that you can use them in the winter and the colour matches the playsuit's oxblod red colour great. And the best thing is that they don't cost a jet! Etsy & H&M
The most essential is the bag to carry your goodies and your school life in and this vintage dokument case is perfect (and goes well with the shoes too - match made in Heaven!) and to keep track of your apponitments of in case of needing spare doodle paper - the weekly notebook from Moleskine. Ever since I tried it I became addicted. I love that you have a spare paper for thoughts and to-do lists or something else that doesn't have to be jotted into a specific date. I don't know but I get frustrated when I have used up all the space of a date and have to write additional stuff on other dates of along the margins. And I don't have that much to do to fill out a large daily calendar so this is perfect for me.
During a long day of studying or listening to silly student representations (I personally don't get anything out of them) it is vital to have a little something something to get your sugar level straight and these pastils from Italian Leone are delightful.. Their size, packaging (cute little boxes with various images - I have several that didn't even show on their website!), colour, taste, smell, and LOOK! Cute cute cute overload!! Currently, I'm snacking on the 'mixed flavours' but I have a thing for vanilla at the moment so maybe I should stock up soon. Pastiglie Leone

I tend to get very dry hands and lips so I always carry hand cream and either a lip balm or a lipstick in my bag. I have for the past year or so been completely in love with Mor Cosmetics and especially their 'Snow Gardenia' line. Its not too heavy a scent but still gives you that luxurious feeling even in the middle of a class room taking notes. And the look of it suggests you are in a leage of your own.. Precious! And if that isn't enough, take out the Coco Rouge lipstick from Chanel and make their heads spin! I have already too many lipsticks but I really love the 'Mademoiselle' nuance, subtle and chic. Mor Cosmetics & Chanel 
I have a 'thing' for white notebooks. Their clean polished pristine look gives you the clar base of some serious philosophering (is that a word?). And our brother land Sweden certainly knows how to do this. Ordning & Reda offers you a great selection of calendars, stationary, notebooks, pens and paper in almost all shapes and colours. I'd use the big one in class and the little on 'field trips' or to secret messages from the other students. Wouldn't that be nice to stumple upon during a boring re-cap? Ordning & Reda

And last but not least, the camera I'm saving up for. It almost aches wainting to have enough money for it and to think of all the amazing photos I can make with this beauty. This is the reason why I'm not shopping this year - at all!!! I figured that I would sooner be able to buy this if I didn't spend my money on clothes I won't wear to shreds which in fact is the least you can do. I can't even explain how much clothes I have stocked up that needs to be either sold or given to charity. I couldn't even remember a lot of the stuff! Canon 

Now, I will go through my remaining clothes and accessories and try to find something that could be honourable substitutes for these goodies I've shown you. I'm actually embracing my new life (style?) as a non-shopper. And definately more aware of what I don't really need or want when it comes to actually paying. I also think I'm getting more aware of what my true style really is, I'm leaning more and more towards the more clean and simple look but not minimalist though - I love colours and prints - in stead of the eclectial and 'roundabout' look I'm used to and actually annoyed with. So that's probably a little revelation on top of my resolution this year. Not that bad finally figuring out.

Have a wonderful weekend...

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