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Monday, 3 January 2011

Random Nail Polishes

During 2010 I think my biggest fashion fix on the daily basis was nail polish. I have never been that much of a trend follower when it comes to manicures but somehow that changed last year. I don't know whether its because I saw various ways to wear different colours and not just a soft pink or deep red or black. And sometimes I thought that for instance a yellow was too much on all ten fingers and then chickened out or something.. This changed however, when seeing how just little quirkyness was 'allowed'. So now I'm a dedicated nail polish girl and like to experiment with different colours together or grades of colour and so on and so forth. Here's some of my 'hands' from the past year, and if you want inspiration too try looking through The Notebook Doodles and the Danish blog Neglenymfer.

 Here's a deep red from an odd company which I can't remember and with Depend's orange. I was inspired by The Notebook Doodles' twisted tip.

 Here's a shimmering icy blue which I applyed like normal and then I added a pink zig zag which I teared with a napkin before it had dried completely. I think it looks quite awesome and will definately do this one again. To avoid annoyance on the rough surface I recommend a top coat or perhaps a ridge filler?
 My Christmas present from my big sister, Chanel's Jade Rose. Even though I have a lot of colours I didn't have anyone to those days when you want to wear nail polish but haven't got a more low key one - this is mine.. I think I used two coats here, and I really like the slight pink shimmer you can see in sunlight. Somehow it doesn't show indoors.
What I'm wearing now, Dior's Bubble Gum. I like it but sometimes it seems too neon but perhaps that's just me.
A way to use more of those colours that doesn't always go. Here's two shades of green. The palest is Barry M's jade-wannabe colour and the other is from a Tiger store (equivalent of a 99 cent store). I actually like this look and have also tried it with grays and pinks.

I know these aren't the best shots but my camera really has its own life sometimes and particularly when it comes to close-ups. I can't wait to get a new camera. I'm saving up for a good digital one, and I have my sight on a Canon but it is a bit pricey. However, I justify it with that I'm almost gonna use it until it falls to pieces. Just like shoes, you half the price everytime you wear them and after a while they have 'worn out' the cost. So when you think about it that way you are more likely to buy quality than quantity. I have that with bags and also increasingly on shoes. With nail polish I'd buy odd colours in cheap brands and the more neutral tones or the ones I use a lot in more expencive brands. But this year, I'm not to buy any new ones. My New Year resolution was no more shopping! I know, how on Earth did I come up with that? Seriously!? However, if I want that camera I need money, and I was stupid enough to go through my spending lists figuring out where all my money had gone.. It showed a pretty clear picture, so now I will at least try not to use money on shopping, books and cd's included.. Wish me luck!


Lola said...

LOVE the name of your blog so cute!! I also love painting my nails but don't always have the time, I have no patience when it comes to drying!!

Please check out my blog if you have a moment :)

I'm now a follower of yours! xx

The Dandelion Chronicles said...

Thank you so much!
I too have no patience at all, so most of the times I have to redo it because I smush it out before its completely fired :D

And I will definately check out your blog. Nice seeing what everyone is up too, right? :)


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