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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Cathrine Raben Davidsen

Last weekend I went to see the exhibition of Cathrine Raben Davidsen's works at Trapholt in Kolding, Denmark. Ever since I was introduced to her paintings and other art works, I immediately fell in love with her melancholic and fragile style. I'm always amazed of how much can be said in a picture with such few brush strokes. I really don't want to talk to much about them, they speak for themselves.
The pictures are taken from either the catalogue of the exhibition 'The Inkwell' or from her website Cathrine Raben Davidsen
 I am particularly in love with the Virginia Woolf painting. That would go very well in my home.. But I fear that its one of those 'Private owned' ones..
A view of the curating of 'The Inkwell' at Trapholt. Very simple and minimalistic with black squares to her etchings and black and white drawings. The bigger paintings and the ones with colour hang on the white walls while her ceramic vases stood on piedestales.
She has also decorated the walls at restaurant NIMB in Copenhagen.

The last picture is originally in colour. However, in the catalogue the pictures were all black and white. The original can be seen at her website in colour.

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