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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

2010 Favourites - Music

I thought I'd make a sort of countdown or list of my various favourites from the soon to be gone year. First of all, here's my top five in music. They may not be from this year but each performer had a special place in my heart during the year.
First of is Florence & The Machine, she is magnifiscent and the best album I have bought this year. I am particularly in love with this one and My Boy Builds Coffins..

Next is Karen Elson. Ever since I saw this video I have been hooked. I must say I had initial doubts to the whole model-singer thing but I must admit, this is really awesome and just up my style.

Then there's the alltime favourite Swedish pop song bird Robyn who has just ruled the year in terms of music and especially how to make GOOD pop music. Love love love.. Heja Sverige! 

One of my best surprices this year was Danish Agnes Obel. She came out of nowhere with a poetic and melancolic album that just screams beauty and almost brings tears to my eyes. This is her first official video, but check out Beast. Its so beautilful with the harp strings playing.. *sigh*

I cannot make a list of favourites without including Ryan Adams and his Sylvia Plath. It has been my favourite song of all time since I first heard it. It's only competitors are Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones and Tina Dickow's Room With A View. Here's a live performance...

Speeking of which, here's Tina Dickow or Tina Dico as she's called abroad with Room With A View.. Lovely, huh? And she's from Aarhus!!

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