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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Julie Nord

One of my favourite Danish artist at the moment is Julie Nord. She's an artist who mostly uses ink and acrylics to create her imaginative and twisted images. She is very interested in the surreal of the common, surburbia and how things aren't what they appear to be at first sight. This shows in her classic imagery with a sudden twist that you may not realise on your first encounter with her art.
I really like the surprises she incorporates in her art like the coffee tin with the bird upside down. I have included some pictures from Aros Aarhus Artmuseum's catalogue of her latest exchibition. It was called Xenoglossy (= suddenly spaeking another language fluently that you have never been exposed to before). Here's some of my favourites from the catalogue, and I highly recommend you to check her out on her website.

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