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Monday, 6 December 2010

Nostalgia incarnated

A week ago I went to Den Gamle By (~The Old Town) to get some great pictures from what I consider the best sight or attraction in Aarhus. I had been there on the first Sunday in Advent with my parents and my sister but there were so crowded that it was almost impossible to get some nice pictures from that day. Henceforth, I went again. Not that I would ever mind. I have a small plan of finding the director of the Clothes Collection and beg him or her to hire me! I don't care what I get to do as long as I get to work with old clothes and history.. Den Gamle By is renowned for it's Living Museum where the staff dress up in period clothes and make some characters come to life in order to tell the story of the Danes in these towns and how Denmark developed from a rural and agri-cultural to an industrial country. 
Right now they have a large exhibition of the history of Christmas in Denmark, and they have decorated some of the old houses accordingly to the years they were erected. So you get to see what a carpenter got for dinner on Christms Eve and examples on presents from around 1600 to the 1890s. The exhibition closes on January 2nd 2011, but they show it every year and its so cosy...
I'm very exited about their current ongoing project of erecting a new area with more recent buildings from 1890 to 1974 where Denmark joined the EU, and how that will come into being. Along with that they will also focus on Denmark's development in terms of becoming a more multicultural country and feature an example of a Turkish-born family in Denmark as well as a Greenlandic student. Greenland was until this year a part of Denmark, and we still have very close connections with them both political but also personal because many school children got Greenlandic pen pals including my mother. 
So there's a little tip for one of the best sights in Aarhus, and in Denmark really. And its not just me that thinks so. Den Gamle By is on the Michelin list of World's Best Museums so its definately worth a visit. Its open all the year except for some specific holidays. Please check their website for more details and read more about this amazing place. Den Gamle By

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